Top 10 Home Based Businesses

Home based businesses are becoming a popular way for more and more people to stay at home and earn a lucrative living working for themselves. If you've always thought that you have what it takes to be your own boss and work from home but weren't quite sure what type of business or market to get into, here is a list of the top ten home based businesses today.

1. Online Business Owner: Owning an online business is a rather broad subject that you can incorporate just about any idea, skill, or interest into provided you have the knowledge to set up your own website. If HTML and web design aren't your areas of expertise, as you'll see in the number three top home based business in Canada, there are many freelancers just waiting for your business.

2. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services: Your love for numbers may be just the ticket to a bountiful home based business, and if you have tax experience, consider becoming a tax consultant or advisor.

3. Freelance Writer: With any type of business, either online or off, content is king and people will always need good, quality information for their companies. A freelance writer may create press releases, informative articles, sales letters and pages, or provide proofreading services. If you have any of these special skills, look to the web for countless opportunities in this arena.

4. Pet Based Services and Products: Imagine being able to turn your love for animals into a successful business venture. Today, Canadians are spending millions upon millions of dollars each and every year on their beloved pets, which have become more like family members, and are paying for everything from personalized care from pet sitters to pet photographers for capturing the perfect images of their pooches.

Many people are turning to pet sitters today instead of leaving their animals in kennels, either for daily care while at work or for when the family is on vacation.

5. Catering Service: Have you always been the one in the family that everyone turns to for weddings and holidays to help with the food? Do you love to bake or cook? Turn your skills and know how into a home based catering service and advertise for catering events such as weddings, graduation parties, reunions, or offer meal-by-meal service to businesses and individuals.

6. Virtual Assistant: If you're Internet savvy, have a high speed connection, a reliable computer and typing and customer service skills, consider being a virtual assistant for one or more businesses or individuals, handling all of their clerical needs online, by fax, or telephone.

7. Consulting and Planning Services: Wedding, party, and event planners are another home based business idea to consider as most people don't have time to put together these larger, more elaborate affairs that require plenty of preparation and will pay good money to those who do.

8. Cleaning Services: Busy people are everywhere and they rely on housecleaning and maid services to keep their lives neat and in order. Market your services to homeowners, business owners, or both and be sure to have references.

9. Massage Therapy: If you are skilled in massage therapy, consider starting your own business offering therapeutic massage, or offer aromatherapy or other forms of alternative practices as well.

10. Caregivers: Whether it's for the elderly or for children and infants, skilled and reliable caregivers are in demand, especially if your prices are competitive with the local daycare centers. If you have the space and meet the requirements, open your own center at home, or make personalized visits to different clients.


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