Tips on Successful Project Management

Project Management becomes imperative for every software development company to effectively manage the project so as to report the timely delivery of project to client in a successful manner. The key person involved in managing the project is the Project Manger. A successful Project Manager is the one who maintains a balance between the completion of stakeholder’s interests and the availability of the resources, time duration, changing technologies and most important is the varying needs of the client. The process of Project management deals with not only the management of available human resources and technologies but also it considers business management, risk management and meeting client’s expectations.

To achieve success in project management, the project manager needs to take care of some important points. Let’s have an overview of those points or tips which can lead to an effective project delivery.

1. During the onset of a project, a project manager should always check that stakeholders share a common understanding about the project.

2. Fixing a predetermined schedule for different processes and following them accordingly as it also contribute to the success of the project.

3. Project manager should also understand the need of his team members regarding the work as they are satisfied with their job or not. This is mostly indicated by the staff turnover rate.

4. Project manager should also fix a target to limit all the factors of project like cost, staffing etc, so that project can meet with clients requirements in terms of functionality and cost.

5. On large projects, many different people collaborate and work together; these people may have different work ethics. Handling these people together and keep their attention focused on the primary goal of the project is the most important work of the project.

6. With the introduction of new technologies such as web based solutions for keeping all team members in collaboration and project on track, is helping project managers in their work.

7. In project management, planning is not everything but to re-plan the project according to the ongoing project flow and timeline is more important. The project should be adjusted to reflect the current state of the work flow.

8. Another important aspect of the project management is urgency. The project manager can’t be careless in his approach towards the project or team members as the sense of urgency is important and all the team members should also follow it.

9. The project manager should fully utilize the work breakdown structure as it represents the hierarchical view of the project. By the WBS you can break down the project into smaller parts, this breaking down of the project will help the project managers in estimating the project cost and timeline more accurately.

As software project management is a necessary task for every software development companies, so many commercial tools are available to help project managers in the estimation of the entire project that will further increase the efficiency of the project managers. These tools are based on the collection of large databases of actual project experience, by the use of these tools; project managers can also schedule the timelines and staff allocation. These tools also have a number of cost drivers. Managers can adjust the tools according to their projects, based on the technologies used in the project, experience of the team members and various other factors. Many software development companies are also providing software development services for software project management so that it can be done easily. All the above tips will help the project managers in successful completion of projects.


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