What is Android application development?

Android includes various middleware and key applications. Android Inc was founded in 2003 but was later acquired by Google in 2005.

Java is used as the language for developing android applications. Android is available as an open source for developers to develop applications which can be further used for selling in the app market. Android, a linux based operating system provides Android Software development kit to all developers. Android Development is based on four basic components. First is a UI component that communicates to display screens. Each activity displays one screen to the user. Next is a reaction to an event. Third are the tasks that run in the background. Lastly, service that shares data with other activities and services in the application. Android Application Development is a growing business among software development companies now days. It has proved as a very beneficial business for companies who are into outsourcing Android services and expertise. The companies involved in business of outsourcing Android services and expertise are providing less expensive and high quality services to their clients. The Android software development kit provided by Google includes all the information of development including data storage and its restoration, security and permission, resource of symbols, notifications and background services, UI techniques, routing, browser, short messaging system service, 3D graphics, fast search box, contacts administration, advanced Bluetooth API, games etc. Android application development has some great features like its high speed to collect exact information, the simplicity of the tools used, its ability to supports audio, video, image and many other formats. The most important aspect of Android is its compatibility with different phones, which makes it more user-friendly. The Android phone works like a PC that broadens the different functionalities and keep itself updated with the help of Android application development companies. Using android applications you can perform a number of tasks on your phone once you log in from a PC when both are connected.

Mobile phones have become a vital device as it connects one to the world with just one touch. The devices like Blackberry’s and iPhones have proven to be ideal for people who are into business especially when they are sitting in any corner of the world and still want to be near your business. Android applications are suitable for multiple purposes when it comes to your PCs or laptops. The growing number of mobile phone users has pushed up the need for new and more advanced android. As per the trend in the market there has been a straight rise in applications and buyers who want more utility from their mobile phones. The sale of android based smart phones has gone up in the last few months is due to the continuous advancements in creation of android applications by mobile app development company.


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