Effective Leadership - What is the secret?

Effective leadership does not come from the mere knowledge about what successful leaders do; or from trying to copy the characteristics or styles of noteworthy leaders; or from trying to remember and follow the steps, tips, or techniques from books on leadership. And it certainly does not come from merely being in a position of authority or having decision rights.

So what does it take to be an effective leader?

It's a question that often comes up in my coaching sessions with professionals in a variety of Management positions. My experiences over the years have let me to believe that effective leadership is linked to being natural and comfortable in ones own skin. It is also linked to being curious, creative and caring. And that translates into being open to change and also to experimenting with what works and what does not. A good level of 'know thyself' is a bonus.

Given my own experiences with effective leadership I rejoiced when reading the following HBS (Harvard Business Schools) article about a new leadership development course that has been created by a team of professors.

HBS professor and authors Werner Erhard, Michael C. Jensen, Steve Zaffron, and Kari L. Granger developed a course with a difference. They say:

'The intention of this course is to leave the participants actually being leaders and exercising leadership as their natural self-expression.

Rather than teaching 'leadership strategies' or being a 'how to guide', we allow participants to create for themselves an enabling and empowering context that provides the opportunity of being a and acting as a leader as one's natural self-expression. And we provide participants the opportunity to become aware of and deal with their personal obstacles.

This course is based on the proposition that:

1. Given the right context for leader and leadership, everyone has the capacity to be a leader, and

2. There are certain personal obstacles that must be dealt with in order to actualize that capacity.

The promise of this course is

While you will not necessarily have all of the experience and knowledge you need to be a truly extraordinary leader, you will have experienced whatever personal transformation is required for you to be a leader and what it takes to exercise leadership effectively.'

That is the secret: Transformation!

Learning what it takes for you to feel and act like a leader. Becoming aware of which Personal Obstacles you need to overcome. Finding your own style of being a leader, a style that is an expression of who you are and what you stand for.

With my best wishes for your success,

Christiane Pohl

Life & Leadership Coach

Author:. Christiane specialises in coaching Executives and their teams with managing change, achieving their objectives and developing their soft skills for lasting success.She is an EMCC accredited Leadership Coach & Mentor with a professional background of over 25 years experience as Senior Manager in internat... Go Deeper | Website

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