Increase your Impact by declaring your Intention

Intention is a powerful tool because our energy follows our thoughts, or in other words whatever we nourish grows. Setting clear intentions and declaring them gives your energy a clear Direction and adds more Power and ultimately more Impact. The best way to start is to first decide what it is that you want to nourish.

Have you ever noticed how much time you spend discussing the difficulties of life, or talking about what is not working, or what is missing, or what you don't have? How much time do you spend focusing on the problems rather than the solutions?

Yes, it seems to be one of those human traits to give more time to discussing what is wrong rather than what is good and what works. The Good News is however that it does not have to be this way. You do have a choice; you can choose to give your attention to the positive, to focus on what works, to see the best in others or to spend your time discussing solutions rather then problems. And the best way to start is by declaring that this is what you want to do, that 'This is your Intention'.

Every morning I have a meeting with my partner and we do exactly that. We start by declaring our intentions for the day;

How we want to feel and act and what we want to achieve.

Here is what we do. These are 7 steps that will increase the Impact of everything you say and do:

1. Become still and take a few minutes to be centred, take a few deep breaths and connect with your thoughts and feelings.

2. Then consider how you would like to feel that day. Go for the ideal and write it down 'I intend to feel….' Example: focused, inspired, joyful, clear, confident, calm

3. Then consider how you would like to act or behave during the day and write that down 'I intend to act….' Example: with integrity, with patience, with insight, with assertiveness, with clarity, with respect

4. And finally decide what outcome you intend to have for your day or your meetings or any other situation in your life or work and write that down 'I intend to achieve……' Example: achieve a goal, clearer communication, more honesty, increased profits, better understanding, commitment

5. Do this every morning and before every meeting

6. When meeting with others declare your intentions as well as the outcome you are looking for at the beginning of your meeting

7. Ask the other participants to do the same (that will give you an insight on how they feel or think, increase their commitment or help you recognize discrepancies)

I recommend that you use these steps in your personal life as well and you will see how declaring your intention changes your day.



Christiane Pohl is a Life & Leadership Coach with More Life, More Success Coaching and an Art of Living Teacher. She helps people to gain clarity about their priorities, create a life that feels managable and transform their insights into action.
She has been working for many years as a coach and mentor with professionals in international companies. Her clients say that she has the gift of helping them identify what is most important to them, find solutions to challening ...

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