Increasing Success in Life and Business by Embracing Insecurity

What would you say is the biggest handicap to developing a more open mind and to embracing change more readily?

How often is the fear of the unknown, bigger than the misery of feeling stuck?

Are we really meant to live tidy, predictable lives with everything neatly laid out in front of us? I believe not. In order to grow we need to learn how to move beyond our comfort zones.

You’ve no doubt had those moments when you don’t know where you’re headed — or even who you are.

You find yourself in between jobs, in between relationships, in between an old idea of yourself and a new one. And it’s uncomfortable. Security was always the objective.

This is the moment however when you need to embrace insecurity totally. Of course it’s easier said than done, but this is the only way to transform insecurity into creative energy.Once you are completely 'okay' with the uncertainty of life your mind will stop holding you hostage with thoughts of insecurity and you will start to feel free.

Marianne Williamson in ‘Return to Love’ writes ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us’ we are more afraid of love then we are of hate." It is that ‘Fear’, which keeps us from using our full potential and prevents us from moving beyond our comfort zone.

In our quest for security we tend to get attached to concepts, thoughts, emotions and status symbols. Based on those attachments we then judge everything in terms of right and wrong, good and bad.

And it is this attachment that becomes a handicap to happiness, creativity and growth – both in our life and in our business.

Only by embracing insecurity will we become free to further open our minds, to unleash our inner intelligence and to adopt new ways and solutions.

And we need to feel free in order to stand up for our values, in order to listen to others, in order to identify what works and what does not, in order to succeed and build the life and business we want.

Here a few steps you can use to get you started:

  1. Embrace 'not knowing' – Say yes to not knowing and just see how that feels. Each time I admit that I don’t know I feel a great sense of relieve and often a sense of joy. Curiosity suddenly replaces fear. My mind opens up and I know that this is the beginning to finding new solutions.
  2. Stop judging yourself on the basis of failure or success. Success does not last and neither does failure. Everything in life is an experience. Feel free to fail and learn from it. Be objective: What did not work? How can you do it differently? Remember: It is better to try and fail then never to try at all!
  3. Involve others – Be honest and admit that you don’t have all the answers. Ask for input from the people around you or work with a coach. This will take the pressure of you and give other people the opportunity to contribute. Soon you will realize that your courage for openness will be perceived as strength.

Following these 3 steps will help you increase success in your life and in your business. They will help you to lead and inspire others. They will help you open the door for creativity to flow.

With my best wishes for your success ,

Christiane Pohl

Life & Leadership Coach

Author:. Christiane specialises in coaching Executives and their teams with managing change, achieving their objectives and developing their soft skills for lasting success.She is an EMCC accredited Leadership Coach & Mentor with a professional background of over 25 years experience as Senior Manager in internat... Go Deeper | Website

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