Taking the Drama out of Life by Keeping it Simple

Think of all the stuff that is weighing you down and getting in the way of your happiness and progress. In this very moment when you catch yourself feeling overwhelmed and unhappy, take a break and ask yourself these questions.....

Is this a life or death decision?

In 10 years will I remember what I was fretting about?

In 100 years will anyone care?

Then, once you have stopped the roller coaster of beating yourself up or bitching about the world, a situation or a specific person, you will be able to become calm and make some real decisions.

Over the years I have learned that one of the most important steps to the art of living happily is letting go of our ‘Emotional Addictions’. More precisely our addictions to a certain Emotional State – let me share just one of those patterns:

'I want to be more organized (or less angry, or more committed).' says the mind. 'I must do something to change myself. Yes, I will do this and this. Ah, I failed to stick to what I said, I am terrible, useless, I can’t even do this. No, but I really want to behave differently. I'll try again tomorrow, I succeeded 2 days, today I failed again. There must be something wrong with me.' ...and so on.

Sounds familiar? If you are addicted to this type of Emotional Pattern then the best way to free yourself is by first becoming aware of it. And now comes the really tough part. Let go of it; go cold turkey!

And this needs as much willpower as letting go of any other addiction. But it is worth it, believe me, I have been there but now I feel more Free.

Let me share with you the steps I took to get off of my own Emotional Roller Coaster:

  • After having become aware of my pattern I learned saying Yes to the way I felt without being against my thoughts or feelings. I stopped beating myself up. I am not talking about positive thinking; it’s more like watching your thoughts and acknowledging them without judging them.
  • Then I learned to take a very practical view of what it was I wanted to achieve. Becoming more organized.What did I need to do? Manage my time better. What system did I need to adopt?
  • Having made my plan I then knew that the only way to move forward was to stick to it. If I did not then I would not achieve my goal.
  • Commitment is vital and I now focus on the task rather then myself.

Each time I realize that I am being tempted to fall off the Wagon I simply say – Stop! Start letting go of the memories, the attitudes, the habits. Stop analyzing and start acting. Trial and error is part of the process. You try, you fail, you try again – a different approacheach time.

This is how I quit my Emotional Addiction. You can quit too!

And if you would like some help with it, the send me an email and together we can see what I can do to help you.

With my best wishes for your success,


Author:. Christiane specialises in coaching Executives and their teams with managing change, achieving their objectives and developing their soft skills for lasting success.She is an EMCC accredited Leadership Coach & Mentor with a professional background of over 25 years experience as Senior Manager in internat... Go Deeper | Website

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