Psychology behind SEO framing

The sites which are displayed earlier are rated higher by the search engines. Search Engine Optimization refers to a process of increasing the probability of traffic to a given website by means of different tools and identifying right keyword to dictate the site. It involves keyword research, uploading tags, article, etc and reciprocating with the mindset of a surfer trying search on the web. In doing so SEO helps them to provide a better quality and pioneering search results.

The process of search engine optimization started in mid 1990’s. Identifying the need to be placed in top ranks in search engines for better business prospects search engine optimization attempts to gain top position in traffic ranking for different search engines. Every search engine has different criteria of ranking a website which they regularly follow and hence search engine keeps track of the website and their SEO operations. Earlier webmasters had to submit URLs to various search engines and they would send their crawlers to the specific webpage and returns information found on that page. Earlier search engines relied on the information provided by the webmaster such as keywords, metatags, or index files. By relying so much on factors exclusively within a webmaster's control, early search engines suffered from abuse and ranking manipulation. Therefore it is obvious that site featuring in top list have better traffic which in turn generate business on the contrary the site may also be banned if found inefficient and irrelevant the top most search engines have crawlers and robots to evaluate those sites.

An effective SEO framing can be done by understanding psychology of a surfer and a multidimensional approach towards the content of the website.

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