The Real Road to Wealth in Real Estate

Likely, no one would argue that real estate isn’t the greatest vehicle for leveraging wealth. That’s why I am in the business. However, there are various facets of real estate investing where you will likely see your assets grow most significantly. Ideally, in an “up” market you should own as much as you can leverage and dream about your assets growing while you sleep. There have been times when we could go to bed knowing that we would wake up $100., $1000., or more, richer….without lifting a finger! That is the magic of leverage and real estate investment at its best.

However, those markets come and go. And unfortunately, the present market is far from that! Nevertheless, there’s hope for those seeking to break into the wonderful world of real estate investing.

The following two strategies can be employed during the present market, which will hone your real estate investing skills as well as enable the savvy, alert investor to save for the next up market in the future. You can either fix & flip properties or wholesale properties for an even quicker, lower risk proposition.

Now, back to the road to wealth. Owning your own income properties, otherwise known as “landlording,” is what has made emperors, kings, and Dukes. Why even the Queen of England’s family is a major landlord. Historically, wars have been fought over income-producing real estate.

Today, the tax advantages alone that come with real estate ownership are hugely due, in no small part, to the fact that most of the lawmakers own income property. Thus, the laws are slanted in favor of property owners. That’s the way it is. Why fight it?

Owning your own income producing real estate is the real road to wealth. Stay tuned for more tips on building your financially free future.


C.J. Lauria, Real Estate Mentor, Real Estate Investor, Personal Development Expert, Entrepreneur Coach, and Author, addresses pertinent concerns facing many boomers today. Whether you are 1) concerned about possibly outliving your income and having to dramatically scale back your lifestyle, 2) weary of purchasing an endless number of “programs,” 3) looking for a sense of fulfillment or 4) tired of watching others make insane profits in real estate, he offers solutions to these proble...

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