Check out Your 'Ps' for Business Success

PR or Public Relations indeed is the power that you can leverage for yours and your organisational success. Surprised? Not sure?

Public relations is not a rocket science; all you need is to use it strategically to reach your desired goals.
Public Relations is the art and science of managing communication. And effective communication helps you manage your money, material, men, and machines - the 4Ms which every top man manages, and yet success remains elusive in the absence of appropriate communication with the people engaged in handling your finances, human resources, production and supply chains. The 4Ms can run smoothly and contribute to your organisation's productivity, proficiency and profits only if it is oiled well with effective communication. Communication with people at all levels...inside and outside the organisation.
Every business or profession in the world runs on communication. And to achieve certain goals and results, you require strategic communication with the people who are most important to your organisation; what we call in PR as the 'publics' or the stakeholders.
The first lesson, therefore, is to examine your 'Ps' who are a part of your organisation's ecosystem, directly or indirectly. It's the people who are the first step torealizethe power of PR. In case you find it difficult to handle this first part, employ or engage a public relations consultant for the job to help you understand these 'publics'. Segment them through theirpsycho-graphicsand demographics. Profiling your stakeholders help you understand their needs, their aspirations and expectations from your organisation. List them out all the stakeholders, internally and externally, and mention against each one of them, the key attributes or characteristics.
Prioritizethem in terms of each stakeholders importance to your organisation.
Conduct a communication audit to understand whether your organisation is meeting their aspirations. Does your communication is rightly worded and timed, in a language that they can understand, with a mechanism to receive regular feedback? An audit reveals the missing links on our perception of what these stakeholders think about the organisation, and what actual perception exists in the marketplace.
For small and medium enterprises, who may not consider engaging a professional or a consultancy firm, it is essential to examine their stakeholders and device communication that effectively conveys your message and gets understood.
Let's get cracking with this first step and more shall follow in subsequent articles.


CJ Singh is a brand management guru, a corporate communication consultant, author, and executive coach.  He mentors startups and is founding Vice President of Startup Accelerator Chamber of Commerce (SACC India).;

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