New Year Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

Happy New Year and all the seasons greetings as you get ready to move into New Year, with new ideas, with new vision, with new promises to yourself.

It is also the time to be with friends and as you send them the greetings for the new year, do one thing more. Send them a thank you note for being with you when you needed them, and express your gratitude for the joy they have brought into your life. Start with your wife or husband, your father, your mother, sons and daughters, yourneighbor, your boss, and your staff. You will be surprised that you have got a long list to thank them all. Do it. And this should be your first promise to yourself (even if you have not been able to remember the resolution that you had conceived for 2011).
If you are an entrepreneur, remember you are the most important person in the world. Because you are an idea person. You cannot be static. You are a dynamic being who looks ahead and is always thinking of improving your bottom line, making more sales, acquiring new clients, and getting better year after year. Even the challenges of economic downturn is the time for you to look out for newer opportunities.
This is an exciting time for every entrepreneur. Bubbling as you are with new energy and passion to excel, your first and foremost promise to yourself should be to showcase your talent, your capacity and your capability as the leader of your chosen area ofspecialization. Whatever you do, whether you are into manufacturing or the service industry, you are the one who is touching the lives of thousands of people in your business and through your business or profession.
Why not have this new year resolution as an entrepreneur that you would serve more and more people in the year ahead. Each one of us touch the lives of others...knowingly or unknowingly. Look within and see your business as an opportunity to serve.
Promise that now on you will not be afraid of the external environment, the global economic challenges, but instead, would become the torch bearer for all the people that you come across as a positive force; that you can make the difference.
Promise that you will not spread the negativity and instead will feel the surge of energy within you as the leader who has the ideas, and the vision for creating a better world for your children, for the humanity as a whole.
Challenge yourself with the positive thoughts and affirmations, that you have the power to make a difference in the lives of the people around you with goodness, love and compassion.
You as a leader has the power to scale newer heights, and unfurl the flag of self-victory, to be a role model of success.
Have a great year.


CJ Singh is a brand management guru, a corporate communication consultant, author, and executive coach.  He mentors startups and is founding Vice President of Startup Accelerator Chamber of Commerce (SACC India).;

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