Open the doors of happiness.

We at times, try to run away from working more, keeping ourselves busy, by changing places, etc.

In fact, the remedy is to favourably and positively built up your energy ... your positive energy, which results in more joy and happiness.

Just take one minute every morning and anytime you get the time, and SLOW down your thought process.

Since you are alone (NOT lonely), your inner conversation throughout the day would make you feel helpless, and weak.

Think, and mediate, and thank God for all His bounties.

Look at yourself. You are the source of energy. It's you who is the creator. The creator of your response to outside stimuli.

The decision ultimately is going to be yours, whether to be happy or not happy.

The decision is yours, because you are creating happiness or sorrow in your your inner conversation.

Remember, NO ONE can make you unhappy, angry...than YOURSELF. Because you are reacting to the outside stimulus. Always remember this lesson, that YOU have to create the positive energy within you. Because if your thoughts are joyous and happy, everyone around you would feel happy.

Every thought within you, even without your speaking, gets reflected around you. We can feel it the moment you speak, as to what you are thinking.

Throw away all your FEARS. All your FRUSTRATIONS for things not happening your way. In fact, TURN THEM AROUND.

Change within. Change through thought process. If there is a negative thought comes to your mind, stop for a while, remember ALMIGHTY, and objectively look at your thought at that particular moment. Reword it, instead of reinforcing the negative.

Our fear is normally about losing people, losing power, losing money, losing prestige, losing personality. The moment you focus on such fears, it depletes your energy.

To counter it, ACCEPT that the situation is a part of our lives. Let's not resist the change that happens around us. Let's not resist it with fear.

ACCEPT the flow of life around you. You come here, that's a change in situation. And then you go back, and the loss of physical proximity with us brings in many thoughts, which need to be stopped, by accepting the changing phase of life around you. Don't try to resist this change, which only would deplete your energy because you are not accepting the change.

Look within. You are The CREATOR. You are a source of energy. We're happy to see you grow, and were very happy to see your maturity. I'm sure, now the time has also come to start spending some time to LOOK WITHIN. ACCEPT the changes in life happily. See the surge of power that you feel within.

When you do exercise, and if you are angry and frustrated, and try to life the weights, you find it difficult to pick it up. Even if you are able to do it with a jerk or with fierce force, you might either damage your muscles or damage the equipment by throwing the weights down.

Instead, watch how the ancient gurus used to teach everyone to RESPECT the situation, your tools, your bows and arrows. Bow to them with respect. Be peaceful inside. Be joyous. And you will not have to put in more energy to lift the weight.

The life is a lesson. Calmly see the changes happening around us. Don't try to change the things outside; changing people attitude and the way they talk or behave; don't try to change the things which are, largely, beyond our control. You'll be more happy and joyous by changing ONLY ONE THING...and that's YOU.

From now on, plan your day, and plan your life... to be happy always. Feel it within yourself, and see the difference in everything around you. You'll radiate that energy and bring happiness in people around you.

You can do that. Open the doors of happiness...within!


CJ Singh is a brand management guru, a corporate communication consultant, author, and executive coach.  He mentors startups and is founding Vice President of Startup Accelerator Chamber of Commerce (SACC India).;

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