You are destined to succeed and be joyous...just Think!

If the acquisition of a physical asset brings happiness, everyone who owns a big bungalow, a big car, a big business, on this earth would have been happy.

With the same corollary all those who live in penury and are deprived of creature comforts are unhappy.

But great seers have always said that peace and happiness is not an outside factor but an inner revelation and power that everyone possesses.

In our relationship with others, we are waiting for outside stimuli to be happy. Throughout our lives, most of us keep on postponing our joy by time and again asking ourselves, how can I be happy without buying that car, or marrying that girl/boy, or purchasing a certain house. We create dependency on outside world, on creature comforts, and till the time we do not have those possessions, we continue to be sad, dejected, and depressed.

At the same time, we feel sad or angry on situations around us. Someone had not been pleasant to us; or did not spoke pleasantly; or the boss shouted.

One moment, we feel happy when suddenly we acquire the physical entity, be it new clothes, car, or a house, or host of things to choose from. But next moment, the situation is different altogether. One moment you are driving a great powerful car, enjoying the music, and soothing air-conditioning, when suddenly one receives a call that someone close to you has just passed away. What happens next? You stop enjoying all the comforts, the physical well-being inside that luxurious car, since the mind has suddenly shifted gear and gone for a six.

I remember a teenager who bought himself an expensive shirt for a night out with his girl friend, and suddenly the waiter in the restaurant spilled the entire tumbler of coke on his clothes. From that moment onwards the evening was spoiled and even after 20 years he continued to carry the burden, forgetting all about the happier moments of that evening, and cribbed only about the spilled glass of coke that spoiled his shirt, or rather the entire evening.

What did change? These are the critical moments for one to stop and make a choice. The critical choice whether one wants to be happy or sad to the situation that may happen, or the behavior of a person, or the material acquisitions. Physical or external acquisitions would only bring physical comfort or temporary pleasure, but what matters the most is how you take it. What thoughts you would like to create and associate yourself with the external stimuli, would determine the state of your life.

How to come over it?

First, re-programme your mind. Rephrase the thoughts or your mental reaction to the situations. Have positive affirmations instead of negative thoughts, which come as a natural reaction, overcoming and possessing you.

Second, just stop. Stop for a while to look within and make a choice as to what you want to be. Do you want to be peaceful or happy? Or do you want to be a person who is angry, disgruntled and distressed? The choice is yours.

Third, remember that you alone are responsible for the situation in your lives. If you are stressed and depressed, angry and unhappy, it would impact your thinking process, your productivity at work, and your relationship with the people around you. So you can consciously create the thoughts, positive thoughts, of your choice.

Fourth, change your belief system. Overcome fear, insecurity, jealousy, and the spirit of feckless competition with others. You lose your energy. Look within, and strengthen your own belief system instead to enjoy happiness.

Fifth, it's your thought that gets reflected in your conversation, in what you do or behave, and ultimately your destiny. The process of creating happier and positive thoughts begins in your mind. Our destiny is dependent on the way we Think, Say and Do!


CJ Singh is a brand management guru, a corporate communication consultant, author, and executive coach.  He mentors startups and is founding Vice President of Startup Accelerator Chamber of Commerce (SACC India).;

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