10 Ways to Keep and Attract Clients

Whether you cater to small or large clients, there is always room for improvement and become a better marketer. Positively projecting your image and putting forth your best marketing strategies will help you and your company for years to come.

Marketing never stops or your company stops. It is amazing to me when I ask people "So what's your company do right now in terms of marketing?" and they respond "Nothing really...we're trying to figure out our next step. The economy is pretty bad and we're exploring options".

Here are 10 ways you can continue to improve your marketing no matter what the economy looks like, because remember - only the ones who put the effort in, especially during these times, are the ones who will emerge victorious when this is all over with.

  1. Make working with you effortless

    People are looking for solutions and if your creativity is up to pa this is your time to shine and provide them rapidly and without remorse. Provide them as effortlessly as you can, without showing distress. Your client will rely on you and will be glad they have chosen a company like yours who doesn't look like it's struggling what-so-ever.
  2. Never underestimate the power of a contact

    Always, always follow up with the most insignificant contact that comes across your desk. You never know who he/she is married to, knows, congregates or networks with. The more connections you have, the better your chances to be recommended. And let's be honest - can you really afford passing any type of connection, no matter how little might be?
  3. Make prospective employees love you

    You'd be surprised how many CEOs rely on their assistants when making decisions, including the selection of vendors. Treat everyone with respect; treat everyone with professionalism, because you never know when you might get that call from the friend of the director's assistant working for another company just across the street from your main client.
  4. Keep only ideal people in your circle

    Get rid of toxic clients and people who do not help your company's image

    No matter how successful you are you'll always have some clients here and there who want everything for nothing. Keep it professional but in the same time recognize the fact that you'll never make everyone happy. Eliminate the ones who waste your time, do not know what they want, even after you presented several plans or solutions. Addressing their issues will take time and effort away from your other clients.
  5. Make your receptionist a Marketing machine

    This is the first person your prospective clients will see. Hire a professional who is personable, nice and prompt; one that is adaptable, handles pressure well and is receptive to change and new technology.
  6. Impress your customers with what you can do for them not what you can do for yourself

    You might impress some clients with your new Zen reception area and lavish conference rooms but not for long. Usually they will like to see what you can do for them because eventually they are looking at you to see how you can help them have the Zen reception area and the lavish conference rooms.
  7. Be prompt, be punctual and keep your word

    Do not let your customer wait; not in your lobby, not on the phone or at lunch. This is not a power trip showing them you are busy. It actually shows lack of respect and the fact that you don't care about their time. Always show that your word is stronger than any contract you might have with them. People will respect that more than a piece of paper. When you promised to deliver by a certain date, do whatever possible and deliver. I cannot even begin to tell you how many clients come back to me for new services just because when I promise something, I always deliver even if I have to burn the midnight oil.
  8. Develop common answers to common questions

    Inevitably you'll get some common questions from prospective clients. Be prepared with answers and adjust them as new information becomes available; new improvements or new services or products are being created.
  9. Be ready to present your company and/or what you do in 30 seconds or less

    You know that elevator speech where you suppose to present what you do in about 30 seconds or less? That's the one you should perfect, memorize and adjust again and again according to new developments within your company. Never get caught with a loss of words or inventing something in the brink of the moment. You'll look unprepared and not very in touch with your company.
  10. Give your customers something to remember you by

    No matter if you visit the client or vice-versa, always leave something with your client (a promotional item, a "Thank You" note, etc. Use something that will make a long lasting impression on your client; please do something else than your business card, unless there is something very impressive about that. I use it because my business card looks like a credit card and I throw a joke saying that this might help them in these times. I get a smile and a WOW look across their face. It pays in the long run.
Follow and implement these ways; do one at a time and you should see improvements in your client base almost immediately.


Claudiu Geanta is a successful online business owner and founder of Design by Satori & ProIncome Marketing, LLC. He teaches every day people how to build an optimum online business, SEO and SEM. Claudiu lives with his wife Andreea in Southern California.

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