New Inbound Sales Strategy that Closes Prospects: Part I

I was talking with a friend of mine, Carol Cunliffe, and she informed me that for many business and inside sales people there is apprehension about successfully answering and satisfying inbound sales calls and enquiries. Nobody wants to talk about it however there is a fear that the call will be mishandled or just ‘blown’. What’s your take on this? Do you ever feel this way?

My 30 + years of experience is that there are strategies and scripts we can learn that help to handle certain situations however not all situations. For this we need a deeper understanding of what’s going on here. Add some key recent research in neuroplasticity and we get some surprising new answers.

First an overview will help. Recently I’ve been developing an approach that works really well for successfully handling incoming calls. It is based on a couple of things I needed to understand and also on some brand new information.

How do you feel and what do you think about when you are about to pick up the phone or talk directly to one of your customers? Take a minute right now and check out how you felt. Did it help you or hurt you on the call?

Firstly, before even picking up the phone, it helps to focus on the value I am providing. For me it’s really about how much help my product or service is going to provide. Getting the sale is in there alright, but that too is tied to the value to the customer: if I really believe in what I’m doing I’m doing the customer a diservice by not completing the sale.

Here are fundamentals that really help the customer get the value and you in getting the sale:

  1. EstablishTrust – nothing happens without it
  2. Get the information you need to help
  3. What is your customer’s experience now? – gives you facts and a baseline
  4. What would it be like if the customer got what they want – feeling the experience
  5. If everything fits, simply go through the mechanics. If not fact find or suggest alternatives.
  6. Re-enforce the great purchase just made and follow up
All of these steps are based on who we are and how our brains work – for everything, not just buying a new headset or a car.

There is a lot more plus some exciting new discoveries around the “Why” in Part II.


Cliff Sutton is a sales specialist. 

He has just launched his Inbound Sales Program. The focus is on helping businesses close more ad response and call in contacts.

Success in sales is based on meaningful contact with the right people. His clients range from small and medium sized businesses to Edward Jones and HSBC Bank. He has a track record of over $70 million in personal sales.

His  Sales philosophy is bring customer value and the sales will follow. I am ...

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