Overcoming Fear of Selling

Fear of Selling

Fear of Selling is very often the elephant in the room for a small business. A small business owner must be all things to all people at times and if you are not a ‘natural’ sales person then it gets more complicated.

One thing that stands out in struggling companies: there is a common fear of selling and a feeling that selling is a “Win-Lose” proposition.

So how do you jump that fear gap so business is truly a ‘WIN – WIN’ proposition.

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “If only more people knew how much I could help them?” “How can I serve more customers and make more money with my business?” “I’m just not a Salesperson, so how do I get people to understand how much I can help them?”

When you get right down to it, making those connections can be very intimidating. For some of us it seems effortless however for most of us we have to dig much deeper.

Most fears are a result of uncertainty. It can be the uncertainty of not knowing just how you will connect with new customers and keep your existing customers. Not really knowing how you manage your customers now.

Our businesses depend on sales. The number one reason businesses fail is lack of sales. Here’s the epitaph for the tombstones of dead businesses: “IF ONLY SALES WERE BETTER”. Picture it for a moment. There are many other contributing factors however the truth is, without cash flow coming in and sales coming in, there is no business.

Here’s an exercise we use when getting a roomful of people to start warming up and relating to each other. It’s so powerful it usually takes about five minutes after to settle the place down – friendships begin to form that quickly.

Try this exercise the next time you are about to meet someone new, a potential client.

Right now, take a minute and imagine you are meeting an old friend you have not seen for a while. Really get into it. Imagine their face, how the talk and some good memories. If you are really into it you will be feeling warm and great right now.

When you are about to meet a new customer, go to that place and you will be surprised how easy it is to talk to them and the response you get. It really works!

If you practice shifting your perception of selling to a new viewpoint, that of relating to people and helping them get what they want, it will become less and less intimidating. Build some new thinking patterns. Think instead about old friends or happy occasions or the value you are bringing, a new way of feeling will become a new habit, and selling will become part of relating to people and helping them.


Cliff Sutton is a sales specialist. 

He has just launched his Inbound Sales Program. The focus is on helping businesses close more ad response and call in contacts.

Success in sales is based on meaningful contact with the right people. His clients range from small and medium sized businesses to Edward Jones and HSBC Bank. He has a track record of over $70 million in personal sales.

His  Sales philosophy is bring customer value and the sales will follow. I am ...

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