Why Work From Home Moms Are killing It Right Now...

Let’s get real.

With the Euro zone in crisis, and the UK not too far behind, is there really any other options, than working for yourself?

Many Savvy mommy bloggers and entrepreneurs are making money working from home, and are beginning to bring in the main wage into their homes.

So, whilst it really does seem like doom and gloom in the corporate and day to day business world, not so for these work from home mums.

Women are great networkers, and natural communicators, so it comes as no surprise that they are also good at winning over and influencing people, and are building large organisations from the kitchen table.

Once upon a time, it was not considered by the corporate executives that women could achieve much with a family in tow.

Now the boot is on the other foot, and women are 'reclaiming' their men from the corporate world, freeing them from the drudgery of the 9 - 5 by generating 5 figure monthly incomes and 7 figure yearly incomes in order that both partners can work from home building their own fortunes, not someone elses.

Not to be sniffed at!

It’s convenient for us moms to be able to work from home especially if you have young kids. You can work around them, and in some instances incorporate them into your daily schedules.

Believe it or not, their circle of influence is a huge network, ranging from other mums at the playground, to mums at dance class, or at football practice, play group and so forth.

Working from home does not have to take up most of your day if you structure it right. I should know.

If you have ever been involved in Network Marketing or direct sales marketing then you will know that this is a business where you can get seriously addicted by the buzz of being able to not only work from yourself at home, but in your own time, and any place you chose to be.

One of the reasons I came into Network Marketing was because of my children and being able to give them a better life. I am so glad I did so when I did.

So, if you are a mom, or even if your not, but your fed up with the corporate ways, then consider building your network marketing business part time, until the money starts rolling in for you to be able to go full time and retire your partner also :)

I would advocate though that if you are considering any work from home business that you do your due diligence, and check them out thoroughly. There are far too many scams and get rich schemes out there.

To Your marketing Success Ladies!


Colette Morris F.R.S.A, is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential. Colette has been a Marketer for the last 10 years and has operated her own home business, is an author on her blog and a presenter on her radio show. 

Expert Author and Platinum Member Colette has been successfully operating her own home business mainly in the UK and has written a number of articles on Personal Development, Business Coaching, Attraction Marketing, Social Media Marketing and ...

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