Three Points of Need or Buyer Pain

Point One - Hidden Needs or Hidden Pain

At this point the potential needs for the service is in the mind of the seller not the customer. The sales person sees the need but the customer does not. The hidden needs are often based on customer ignorance or rationalisation, they are not aware that the need, pain or problem they have can be solved.

Point Two - Active Needs or Awareness of Pain

At point two the customer recognises that he has a need or pain but does not know how to solve it. The customer is actively trying to find a solution, if he thinks a solution is possible. At this point there are undeveloped needs which need to be explored by the sales person. The role of the sales person is to get the customer to admit he has a need or pain. You need to evoke your customer’s pain. If the customer cannot see a solution to his pain he will push it back to Point One Hidden Pain. Our role as sales people is to align the customer need or pain with our capability to solve the problem to ease the pain.

Point Three - Awareness of a Solution

At this point the customer has recognised a need or pain and he is aware that there is a solution. The customer is looking to buy. The buyer knows he needs to resolve the pain, accepts the responsibility for solving the problem and can envision the solution. When the salesperson finds someone at this point the worst thing they can say is;

“No problem, I have your solution, here it is!”

The reason that this is the worst thing you can say is; you prescribed with diagnosis. A diagnosis is the key to gaining customer loyalty when creating the customer’s vision of a solution. To do your job well you will need to align the customer’s vision with your service. When you take the customer through the diagnosis the customer will buy into your solution. People want to buy from people who understand their business, who see the world through their eyes.

Your Example

Point One



Point Two



Point Three



Potential Pain

In today’s business climate the market conditions companies must operate under, creates selling opportunities for those businesses that offer the ability to help integrate the daily business processes and minimize company pain.

What companies are seeking are specialists and who can fix their pain.

They seek doctors……………….and you want to make a house call!

The words used needs to be specific to these pains. When communicating your market differentiator with your Unique Selling Points focus what are the pressure points:

What pain do your customers have?

What pain have you fixed for existing customers?


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