Clear The Clutter

Do you need to clear out your mind clutter and start afresh?

Change and clearing clutter rejuvenates me as I feel it prepares me to welcome new and exciting things. During certain times of the year I’ll refresh my home, my office and also reflect on my goals and see how I’m tracking. This is a great time to stay on track or get back on track and prepare to blossom!

Ask yourself these questions:

• What do I want to accomplish?

• Am I on track?

• What do I need to do to move me forward?

• What action should I take next?

• Are my thoughts supporting me or sabotaging me?

• What obstacles are in my way?

• What support can I embrace or request?

• How am I celebrating?

Revisit where you are today and where you want to be. If you are not where you want to be then it’s time to take action and make things happen. We can choose to start over right now, why wait for a new year, new month or a new week. Seize the day! Revisiting our goals and clearing out anything in our way allows us to start anew and freshen our minds. If we need a mental shift to clear the slate and approach things with a fresh outlook the choice is ours to make.

Starting fresh is most effective to focus our attention on what we are choosing to create be it a healthy and fit body, an abundant financial future, a better relationship or a new career. Focusing on the unwanted only feeds it and prevents your desired goals to manifest and blossom. Planting new seeds in our mind and starting afresh takes time to flourish. Remember to be kind to yourself and allow new habits and action to grow. People have a habit of getting down on themselves and sabotaging their desires and goals. It’s like allowing the weeds to come out and strangle the beauty of the blossoming flowers.

Make the choice to start fresh and create new energy. Create a vacuum to clear away the dust and move forward in your chosen direction. Once you move forward it allows you to come out of hibernation and start growth.

Here are some action steps to foster growth in your life:

Plant the seed and set or rejuvenate a goal

Clear out the mental clutter by being aware of negative thoughts and bad habits. STOP or change them to reflect what you want to achieve instead

Take action and fertilize your mind by doing one thing a day that moves you in the direction of your goal i.e. make a phone call, meditate, workout, attend a networking meeting, follow up with a potential client

Be kind to yourself when weeds get in your way and be prepared to pull them out and focus on your beauty

Celebrate your successes big and small which encourages you to flourish and grow

Each time we choose to start fresh it allows us to blossom and grow to be the best we are able to be.


Corey McCusker is the owner of “Your Mind Matters”, a unique private coaching and training company that helps youths and adults take control of their lives by harnessing the power of their minds. Corey’s program “Breakthrough Your Boundaries” has assisted many people in supercharging their lives, be it their health, wealth, career, relationships or sports performance.

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