SALES MANAGERS: Eight ideas to boost short-term sales results

Below are some innovative ideas for immediately boosting sales results:

1 - Initiate a contest. Be sure to create multiple rewards so that everyone feels that he or she has a chance to win something.

2 - Ask salespeople who have a particular strength (e.g. questioning skills) to present some of their best techniques at your next sales meeting.

3 - Consider a spiff or an additional cash reward to raise sales of specific products or services.

4 - Spend some time with people in tech support or customer service to see who has what it takes to become a good salesperson (with some training of course). Many managers who are short-staffed and who are having difficulty hiring high-quality people are looking within their own organizations for people to groom. Consider using our sales diagnostics service to pinpoint who has the best potential to succeed in sales.

5 - Schedule a time with each salesperson (e.g., Thursday afternoon) to go on two sales calls.

6 - Inspect some recent proposals --- are they likely to result in business?

7 - Inspect specific prospect accounts contained on the pipeline report and have your salespeople give you some details like: the names of the decision makers, a description of the decision making process, who the competition is, what type of urgency the prospect has to make the purchase quickly, etc.

8 - Keep your pipeline of prospective sales hires full so that you can add people quickly if you have unanticipated turnover or new sales opportunities.


Craig Arnoff holds Bachelor and Master's degrees in Marketing, Finance and Business Management. He is the author of Cooperative Selling™ and Cooperative Telephone Selling™, and has conducted workshops for over 10,000 sales and telesales professionals in the technology and services industries. The firm, which has been in business for 20 years, specializes in helping clients boost sales results via sales, sales management and telesales training, coaching and consulting programs.

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