10 Qualities of An Ideal Auto Repair Shop

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If you are looking around for an auto repair shop, then chances are high that you don’t just want anyone working on your car. You could do it yourself with the help of an augmented auto repair app, but for the time being, you want to ensure that your car is in good hands before you give it over to someone else to fix up. Make sure that you are looking around for the best one and you don’t just go for the first one that comes up when you search online. Keep reading down below for some of the top qualities that you should look out for when choosing the ideal auto repair shop for your car.

1. Great Recommendations Online and From Friends/Family

Of course, the first thing you have to look at when you look into auto repair shops are the recommendations that they have. What are your friends and family members saying about this auto shop? Do they have any experience with this particular shop? You can easily tell from their experiences whether or not this auto shop is one that you really want to work with. You can also check online to see what other customers have been saying about this auto shop. You can read up on the reviews and see if there are any big problems with the service they received.

2. The Correct Certifications to Do the Work

You also need to make sure that the auto shop you’re working has the correct certifications and accreditations to do your work. If you don’t do this, then you are risking putting your vehicle in the hands of an auto shop with the correct licenses to do the work you need done. And these licenses are there to show that these repair professionals know what they’re doing and have the experience/education to do this work.

3. Reputation with The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

You should also be checking with the BBB to see what this particular auto shop’s reputation is with them. If this auto shop is registered business in the United States, then the BBB will have a profile on this business and will show you what this credible organization thinks of the shop. If the reputation isn’t so good, then that tells you that you’ve got to look for different options.

4. Reasonable Prices for The Services Provided to You

Of course, one of the most important qualities of every auto shop is the prices they have for the services provided. You should take a look around to see what the normal prices are for the services that you need. If the prices look way too high at a certain auto shop, then they most likely are and you should look elsewhere before you are scammed out of your hard-earned money. You can easily find a better price at another auto shop if you just shop around!

5. Customer Service Levels

You need to make sure that the auto shop you are working with has great customer service levels if you want to have a good experience. The customer service of the auto shop is going to determine how fast you can get answers to your questions and how quickly the work will get done on your vehicle. Those auto shops that are dedicated to customers as a very important part of their businesses are going to be ones that get the work done quickest.

6. A Strong Online Presence

When an auto shop has a strong online presence, you can check what they’re all about much more easily than those that don’t have a website or social media channels. For example, you can look through their website and ensure they have the right accreditations. Or you can see what reviews customers have left on their social media accounts.

7. Ease of Getting in Contact with In Case Anything Goes Wrong

Of course, one of the most important qualities you should look out for if you want to keep in touch with your auto shop is easy ways of getting in contact with representatives. Sometimes you just want to check in and see how things are going with your vehicle. However, if there is no easy way of getting in touch with this auto shop, then you’re going to have to either wait for them to contact you or go all the way back to the store yourself. They should be able to be contacted over the phone, email, and even on social media accounts.

8. Quality of Products and Parts

Another big thing to watch out for is what their quality of products and parts look like. If you need a new part for your car, then you shouldn’t have just anything put on there. Make sure that the auto shop you’re looking at only uses the highest quality parts for your vehicle.

9. Amount of Time It Takes for Them to Get the Work Done

Of course, the quality of an auto shop that’s most important for you to look at is how long it takes for them to complete the work. You will mostly know this from the recommendations that you get from friends and family or the reviews you read online. If it takes super long for the work to get done, then you know that you shouldn’t be looking at this auto shop any longer.

10. How Many Vehicles and What Types Are in The Lot

A great indicator of the quality of an auto shop is the amount and type of vehicles in the lot. If there are a ton of vehicles just sitting there that look like they’ve been there for ages, then it might not be a great idea to go with this auto shop. You should also check and see if the vehicles in the lot look like your car. This will tell you what types of repairs this auto shop specializes in.

There you have it! Looking for an auto shop for your car or other type of vehicle is super important when trying to get those repairs and regular maintenance activities done. Make sure you choose the best one!


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