5 Common Pests In Your Garden And How To Control Them


Ornamental plants in the house, office or outside the balcony, garden ... whether the insects are less or not, they can harm your garden, even your health. Pests appearing in trees are often familiar types that are easy to remove but must adhere to the basic principles of pest control. Here are some of the pests commonly seen in the garden and how to control them.

5 Common Pests In Your Garden

1. Flea Beetle

Flea beetles appear at locations that connect branches, paying special attention to trees with luxuriant foliage. Small size beetles, which are harmful by sucking on nutrients from plants. The leaves will have yellow spots on the leaf surface if there are beetles. When their sabotage is greater, the leaves will be completely changed to yellow, gradually crispy and fragile, resulting in rapid death.

2. Mealybug

They look like white, pink and cotton spots. They stick to the connectors of the petiole, which can also be seen in the trunk. They reproduce, grow and absorb all the essences in the plant, withering the plants to die. Eradicating this type of insects is quite complicated.

3. Aphids

Aphids look like small blue, white, yellow or black spots covering the whole surface of the plant. Aphids reproductive very fast, they can stick all over trees within a few days. However, this species is soft, so it is easy to kill them.

4. Beetle

They look like a scarab but are smaller, earthy and glossy. They eat at night, causing the leaves to have holes, and in the daytime, they fly away to hide in damp places. They lay their eggs in the soil; their mouths have sharp teeth to eat roots. If you do not control them, the tree will be eaten, gradually weaken and die.

5. Caterpillar

The caterpillars have a long, small but stiff trunk. The trunk usually has the same color as the leaves and trunk, like yellow, yellow, and yellow. They eat the leaves, leaving only the petiole and cling to the shoots into a 45o angle to pretend to be a petiole to avoid detection.

Suitable Pest Control Methods

  • Use appropriate pesticides
Read the instruction carefully to ensure that you use just enough pesticides to kill the pests without killing the trees. At the same time, do not forget to read carefully the recommendations to make sure that plant chemicals do not affect your health.

  • Use organic insecticides
At present, there are many organic pesticides are widely produced. You should prioritize the use of these insecticides, such as alcohol, pyrethrin, insecticidal soaps and rotenone because they are safer than chemical pesticides. Also, if the plants in your house are fungal, use sulfur powder - an effective organic fungicide.

  • Kill insects with diluted soap water
Once you have localized the infected plant, you can dilute the soapy solution with lukewarm water to wash the leaves to kill the pests.

  • Prevent harmful insects and wild animals
You should initiative prevent insect damage to plants by regularly gardening. You can use machete or kukri to clean up your garden by clearing brush, clearing woody vegetation, or removing invasive plants. By doing this, your garden will minimize the appearance of common pests.


In this post, I’ve just shown you five common pests in your garden and suitable pest control methods. In these ways, I hope you can protect your garden from being sabotaged and make it cleaner and safer.

Finally, if you have any question about gardening, feel free to leave comments in the box below. Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day!


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