5 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

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My family likes to make fun of me because I drink almost 2 gallons of water a day.

Sure, they joke, but I’m the only one that doesn’t complain about something their body does.

Being constipated, bad joints, urine too dark, not losing weight. Endless complaints. Little do they know the power of drinking a healthy amount of water has. Water does wonders for the body, with great benefits to health. Like:

1. Maintaining Fluid Balance

Like the Earth, are bodies are mostly made up of water. About 60% to be exact.

All that water is important to our body’s systems and functions.

• Digestion (break down, expulsion of food)

• Absorption (intake of nutrients from food and drink)

• Circulation (blood flow)

• Creation of Saliva (start of breakdown of food in mouth)

• Transportation of Nutrients

• Maintenance of Body Temperature

We need water to keep all these functions working smoothly and efficiently. Otherwise we can develop problems, like dehydration, lethargy, and a weakened immune system. Having good hydration helps all these systems run proficiently.

2. Keeps Skin Healthy

Think of your skin as a garden. We need water to help it grow and stay healthy. Watering it daily to keep it looking good. The skin contains an abundance of water, creating a protect barrier for our bodies to prevent any excess water loss. Drinking more water won’t cure aging, but if you don’t drink enough your skin will become dry, and appear more “weathered”. With added water intake, your skin will hold more moisture, resulting in a much healthier, smoother look.

3. Weight Loss Aid

Besides an improved mood and alertness, water is a great partner in any weight loss journey. It’s been highly recommended for a more effective weight loss that you drink a glass of water before every meal. This will help make you fuller faster. Resulting in a suppressed appetite that helps eliminate over eating.

Hydration advisor, Kate Geongan of CamelBak, also suggests, “it’s not uncommon to put on weight by mistaking thirst for hunger.” Even at those times you get the itch to eat, try a glass of water instead. You may see a noticeable difference. However, if you feel that your increased weight has become a serious problem, then you should definitely consult a doctor. You can also opt to take an online homeo treatment as it has been proved to be an effective cure to many problems.

4. Kidney Function

We should appreciate the work our kidneys do for us. Simply put, the kidney’s main function is to filter out elements and control water balance, and expels the excess amounts. Like how filtration systems filter out the bad elements and leave us with cleaner water.

The pituitary gland in the brain controls the kidneys on how much water to keep or get rid of through urination. The kidney’s need plenty of water to filter and ensure a healthy urine concentration, color, and odor.

All of which with low water intake, will result in:

• higher concentrations of urea,

• a darker color,

• and a stronger odor.

Keep in mind, lesser water intakes are at greater risk to develop kidney stones too.

5. Flushing Waste Out

This is certainly nothing we want to have a conversation about. But the truth is, you can have a, “healthier system” by frequently drinking water. Good hydration is the key to keeping things flowing through your intestinal tract.

When we fail to drink enough water, our bodies take the proper precautions to ensure we can sustain our bodily functions. That precaution happens in the colon. Our colon’s will pull water out of our stool, and absorb that water back into the body. This as you may have guess, is the culprit behind constipation.

You can simply avoid constipation by increasing water intake and incorporating a steady diet of fiber.

We need water to survive.

It’s all around us and inside us.

We can all do with a little bit more water. The benefits and importance of drinking water will keep our bodies, inside and out, much healthier.


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