5 Key Elements of a Freelancer's Business Card

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Your first business card is one the most defining moments of your business life. When you’re a freelancer, a lot of people don’t see you as having an “actual” job. They may think that you’re just fooling around and doing side jobs here and there. Well, you should know best that freelancing is one of the toughest jobs out there. You have to do your own budgeting, find your own clients, handle your own taxes, and do tons of things that “regular” employees don’t have to do. But you do get the perks of being your own boss and holding yourself accountable that other employees don’t have.

That’s why business cards are so important to your freelancing career. When you have business cards, you are showing the world that you are serious about freelancing and that you are a real business person. You are someone who is ready to take on the world and take your business to the ends of the world and back. However, you might be confused about what kind of information that you should be including on your first business card. Keep reading down below, where we’re going to take you through the key elements that have got to be on any freelancer’s business card.

1. Your Title

If you are someone who has a specific target market that you are freelancing in, then you had better include a specific title that will reach out to those kinds of clients. For example, if you are a freelance programmer, then have the title as “Programmer” or “Freelance Programmer”. You could also be even more specific about that and say that you are a “Freelance Java Programmer”. However, if you are in a freelancing industry where you can’t be so specific about the type of work that you do, then it’s fine to be more general. For example, if you are a writer in many different types of niches then you can go with “Freelance Writer” or “Freelance Copywriter”. On the same level as programming, if you are a freelance writer in the travel niche, then you can go for “Freelance Travel Writer” or “Travel Writer”.

When you have a specific job title on your business card, this is going to really impress those who you are giving your perfect business card to. They want to know exactly what you do and this helps them figure that out without you having to explain.

2. A Description of The Services You Provide

Now, this next item on the list is one that you want to be careful with. Your business card should be something that’s not cluttered and that looks simple and clean. If you add too many of your services onto the back of the card, you risk making your card too cluttered. And that’s no good for any business card. If you are going to add a description of your services, make sure that everything is super clean and simple. For example, if you are a writer, then you can add that you write editorials and press releases, for example.

3. A Tagline

If you are someone who wants to really impress those who you are giving your business card to, then you might want to think about adding a tagline onto your card, go creative with your card. This is something that’s going to sum up your abilities in a concise manner. If you have one that’s pretty compelling and short, then feel free to add it. However, if it’s going to take up way too much space on the front or back of your card, then don’t write it. It’s not worth the clutter.

The rule of thumb for business cards is that it shouldn’t take long for your client to get a sense of what you’re all about. That means in the first couple of seconds of seeing your business card, he or she should know exactly what you do and what you can offer to them. If there are too many words on the business card, then it’s going to take way too long for them to understand and will turn them off from you.

4. Your Address

Another big part of your business card that you should probably involve on your business card is your address. Now, a lot of people are wary about putting their address down on the business card. However, in today’s hyper-digital world, there are plenty of ways for someone to figure out where you live. Putting your address onto a business card is not going to put your safety at risk.

Plus, putting your address onto your card is great if you are in certain freelancing industries. For example, if you are a digital content creator and blogger, then there are plenty of companies that will send you products to try out and show to your digital audiences. When they have your address, this makes things way easier for them to find where you live and send you the products, which helps out your freelancing business in the end.

5. Your Social Media Links

The last important items to put on your business card are your social media links. Now, in today’s world, no matter what kind of freelancing you are doing, you have got to have your business on social media. Whether that be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other number of social media networks, you have got to have some sort of digital footprint. Companies are going to want to see more of you and these social networks give them an insight into the kind of work you do and what you do outside of your business life.

You can easily add the links to your social networking sites on a section of your business card. However, as with every other point on this list, make sure that things don’t get too cluttered or this is no good for the impression you’re making with the card.

There you have it! These are the top essentials that you’ve got to keep on your business card if you are a freelancer. We can’t wait to see what your next cards look like!


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