5 Myths about Radar Detectors That Are Completely False

Radar detectors are a great help to drivers and the benefits they offer are innumerable. Despite their obvious usefulness, many people shy away from using them due to false claims about how unstable and unnecessary they are. However, it has been proven time and again that these are just false myths with no scientific or practical truth.

Radar detectors can help you a lot if they comply with all the rules of your state. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the knowledge of radar detectors. Therefore, you need to know all the facts when you decide to invest in one of the best radar detectors. Here are the top 5 myths that common people have about radar detectors and also how false they are.

1. Radar Detectors Are Not Allowed Under Law

The legality of radar detectors vary from state to state. You need to check your state laws to see if radar detectors are legal or not. As far as our knowledge, radar detectors in private and commercial cars are legal in almost all states except a few and anywhere near a military base. Still, before buying the best radar detector for your personal use, check the laws of your state.

2. Radar Detectors Don’t Work In Bad Weather

This myth is entirely false as the overall working of a radio detector is not affected by the weather in most cases. Almost all the studies conducted about the effect weather have on radio detectors have stated that all their readings show how efficient radio detectors are, even under bad weather conditions. In worst case scenarios, the radio sensitivity might decrease very slightly but overall, radio detectors work fine in bad weathers.

3. There is no difference between radio jammers and radio detectors

This is again completely false as there is a significant difference between radio jammers and radio detectors. The later only receives radio signals and gives out data when it detects the appropriate frequency within its range.

Jammers on the other hand are used to stop or block any kind of radio signal that might be in your car’s range. This in turn makes it difficult or impossible for law enforcement agencies like the police to read the speed of the car. This is the reason why radio jammers are prohibited under the federal law. Detectors are not capable of blocking any signal and can only send and receive signals.

4. People With Radio Detectors Tend To Speed More

Speeding is a choice most people make and blaming it completely on radio detectors is not right. Yes, if used in the wrong way, radio detectors can help you escape a speeding ticket. But if used in the correct way, these detectors actually help in reducing speeding. Drivers, who receive a radio signal, become aware of the presence of a law enforcement officer in their range. This prompts them to reduce their speeds. In fact, a study conducted on this topic actually proved that radio detectors cause decrease in speeding.

5. Radio Detectors Can Easily Spot Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement officers often use an advanced version of the latest radio detector to catch people who break laws. It is easier for them to use newer technologies in radio detectors like lasers or lidar guns etc to catch you in case of any law violation. Also, these newer technologies are helping officers conceal their radio presence from civilians. This further makes it difficult for your radio detector to catch their presence. Therefore, it is advisable to not take any shortcuts and drive responsibly.

Radio detectors can be a great tool for all drivers and therefore, you need to get all your facts right when you finally decide to invest in a radio detector.


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