5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Prefer Woocommerce For Their Sites

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In today’s world entrepreneurs need to be bold, social, out-there and digitally empowered. An entrepreneur’s best friend is the internet, beaming with opportunities, waiting to be grabbed.

WordPress is the most promising open- source content management system that is extensively used by professionals and amateurs alike for creation of blogs and even websites. WooCommerce is a popular extension that is compatible with WordPress and provides the platform for personalisation of your e-commerce business. Yes, it is absolutely reliable but do not just take our words for it.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to list the top 5 reasons as to why, you, an entrepreneur would prefer WooCommerce for your site(s).

1. You Don’t Spend Anything

WooCommerce is free. Yes, you read that right. This customizing plugin for WordPress is free and is perfect when you do not want to shell out extra bucks on your business. WooCommerce is considered to be the most popular and used extension for ecommerce sites. You can be a digital marketing expert without literally spending anything!

2. Maintain Creative Control

If you are not convinced yet, here is another shot! So, you the seller prefers maintaining your creative edge over your site. WooCommerce will let you maintain your creative control with minimum interference. It has several paid and free extensions for you and enables customisation of your site, just the way you want it. You can go all creative or stick to the conventional prototypes, but your site will be unique unlike another.

No matter what your needs are, WooCommerce will have you covered. There is a unique extension for every need of yours. Some popular extensions that are being used in the present are PayPal, Amazon Pay, Smart Coupons, Shipment Tracking and FedEx among others. This also means that there are multiple payment options for WooCommerce users.

3. Save Your Costs by Free Shipping

There is a third reason as to why you should switch to WooCommerce, just today. Free shipping! Yes, WooCommerce not only guarantees free shipping but also shipping at flat rates or real-time calculations. Now, whether you choose to restrict your shipping to a certain part or enable worldwide shipping, you can configure the settings as per your business needs. WooCommerce also enables drop shipping.

4. It is Designer Friendly

Believe it or not, we have a fourth reason as to why you should take to WooCommerce. It is flexible and adaptable. Just like WooCommerce is seller-friendly, it is designer friendly as well. Developers love working with WooCommerce as its extensive network ensures that you can equip the site with basic and premium features as per requirements.

The WooCommerce plugin is designed with a REST API which means that it can connect virtually to any service. WooCommerce team works round the clock to ensure that bugs are terminated and immediate problems are solved. It is thus absolutely safe and secure to use.

5. Ease of Usage

For the final reason that should be enough to convince you, we at Hell Copters would like to talk about its style. WooCommerce comes with Storefront which helps you to set a theme. Storefront is equipped with a bespoke integration with WooCommerce which indicates that it can also be used with other WooCommerce supported extensions. Similar to new technological advancements in drones, WooCommerce is also constantly innovating and introducing new features for its users.

Now that you seem convinced, we will leave it at that for you to figure out the rest.


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