5 Tips to Reach Your Audience on Instagram

IF you want to increase your business visibility over the internet so you can get a lot more customers and in turn generate more revenue, you need to observe different companies and businesses which employ result-oriented marketing strategies through Instagram to receive the leads they need.

For businesses who have just started their path to social media popularity, and are struggling to find the cut-short and to the point methods of increasing their customer base and join the ranks of the top social media brands, here are some of the best and most feasible and effective strategies to gain followers and make your customer base.

1. Make #Hashtags Your Best Friend

Whenever new businesses want to make an impact on Instagram and grow their own fan base, they are often times conservative when it comes to using hashtags which can be a huge mistake.

In order to reach new customers and get yourself on the Instagram radar, you need to use relevant, approachable and engaging hashtags. To research some hashtags, Google is your best friend and can help you find the top-rated hashtags that are not only related to the type of product you want to push but also is currently trending.

If you run a lifestyle and fitness blog for example, adding hashtags like #LifeStyle #SelfImporvement etc. can be very popular to gain some traction and get through to Instagram users and in turn grow your fan base.

But be vary of one thing, much like everything in life, using hashtags in excess can lead to you being, in a simple term, an attention seeker, which can be a huge turn off for people who are looking at your posts. You can add up to 30 hashtags per post and if you just put them all together in a bunch, it will not be visually pleasing for anyone who views the post.

Make an appealing caption and spread your hashtags throughout so it seems more natural and less gimmicky.

2. Fund Partnerships and Sponsored Posts

Much like typical advertising, you can ask for larger Instagram accounts which have a similar niche to yours to sponsor your post. This is pretty simple to do and you can basically do it whenever you want and you will observe a boost in followers just about every time.

All you have to do is message admins of large pages and ask them to sponsor your post. Remember, you are paying for this content so you need to be clear about your budget beforehand. Oftentimes, you can reach thousands of Instagram users by paying anywhere from $5 to $10.

The reason why I personally suggest this method is because it’s effective. Only people who are genuinely interesting in your product/service will click on the post and contact you, this will bring you hundreds or even thousands of new CUSTOMERS through Instagram with relative ease. Though, you will have to spend money.

3. Connect Throughout the Social Media Triad

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are social media giants where you can connect with your existing customer base and meet new ones as well. Remember, there is no compulsion when it comes to inter-connecting your social media accounts.

If you make a new Instagram Post, instead of posting the pictures individually to all three of your twitter handles, simply post the link of your Instagram post and observe a clear boost in engagement on your IG account.

This method is a very effective way of increasing your viewer/customer base along with boosting engagement as it will allow interested parties in connecting with you, giving your IG a boost in followers and building up a more engaging customer base.

You also don’t want your Facebook and Twitter followers to be left out of any giveaways, discounts or announcements.

4. Collaborate with Other Influencers and Host Contests

When it comes to collaboration and boosting your Instagram, there are limited possibilities. If you play your cards right, the correct collaborations with influencers and brands can leave you with a ton of more followers/customers and give your account more authority.

Host some contests and giveaway your product through influencers. Ask then to create Call to Actions which make users enter by following your own account, liking a post or commenting.

Collaborations are essentially the best form of advertisement through Instagram as it is not only natural, but since the possibility of a free product/service is attached, customers won’t think twice before entering. This will give you an easy boost in traffic, followers and customers while generally keeping the cost low (depending on the product you want to give away).

5. Create Compelling and Interesting Content

An old trick in the book which is something most new businesses and brands forget is important and that is keeping it relevant. No matter how badly you want to make that funny post, no matter how badly you want to post that selfie, just don’t.

Unless your brand is based off of a personality, keep it relevant and to the point. Keep your posts customer/viewer oriented and don’t make irrelevant or off-putting posts.

While cat pictures may be cute, getting your audience the right stuff at the right time is even more important.

These methods are effective, plain and simple. They provide results which can help grow your business/brand’s popularity and generate more profit in return. Take this post as a guideline and you will see progress in no time.


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