5 Ways in Which You Can Improve Your Inner Radiance

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You like your make-up – there is no getting past that truth. But ever felt like something was missing? Like even after all those pots of moisturiser and bottles of nail polish and glitter, there was something that set the most beautiful women apart from you? Well, I might be able to help you in that regard.

They probably weren’t dressed as well as you, or spent as much money and time on their apparel choices. But they had one very important thing. And that was inner radiance.

What does ‘inner radiance’ mean, you wonder? Well, it is confidence and the belief in yourself, that you are beautiful and can do just about anything on planet Earth. Those things make some of the most attractive people in the world the way they are. If you want your share, just read on.

1. Think About All the Good Things in Your Life, Long and Hard

What do you need to make your life perfect? I bet you are thinking of some things you lack. Well, that is what we are about to change. We will only think of the positives in your life from now on. Starting today, every time you are feeling down, start to think of how amazing your parents are. How you worked so hard to land the job of your dreams and finally did it, and how happy you felt that day. Think about that amazing dress and watch you got for your birthday, and those amazing heels to go with it. Think of how fabulous you are for living in a city alone, all on your own. Every time you feel bad, these are crucial.

2. Do Not Look at The Lives of Others

This is one tip every life coach can not emphasize enough to their clients. You think a person who is better off than you in any way has a perfect life? Because they wear sweaters two sizes smaller, or have a perfect husband or have a six figure salary? Well, stop to know for a moment that you might want the good sides of their lives, but dealing with the bad sides will be very difficult. You will not want to deal with a sick parent, or a failing start-up. You will not want the absence of siblings, and you will definitely not want to swap your hard-built wardrobe with theirs. Therefore, never think you have it harder than someone else and feel sad. You have it better in innumerable ways, too.

3. Minimize Your Losses

The header of this point sounds so technical exactly because there’s a term in theory stating this very concept. Taken for application in daily life, it means this: do not focus too much on the times or things you lost. Do not focus at all. You do not need to remember the times it was your fault, or the times everything was out of your control. There are twofold benefits to pursuing this train of thought. The memories will not affect your present or future adversely any more in any way, nor will past experiences make you shy away from future opportunities. Once you have let go of the past, you will see how many wonderful doors the future is opening up to you.

4. Do More of What Makes You Happy

My advice on this count begins with the age-old, time-tested proverb that is incredibly feel-good. And if you have come to believe otherwise, let me re-affirm this for you: all of the above are good things.

A lot of things make a lot of people happy. Maybe sketching and drawing at your home when you are free? Maybe making short trips to nearby hills and trekking? Maybe playing with your kids, or chilling with small animals? What about cooking? Everybody has their niche when it comes to doing what makes them happy. Maybe small, maybe big, some even forgotten from lack of practice over long, long years. Have you found yours yet? What are you waiting for then, go ahead and indulge!

5. Speak Your Mind, Even When Your Voice Shakes

This proverb literally translates to speaking exactly what you think of a situation out in loud, clear terms, even when you are afraid of the consequences. And this is actually very good for your well-being, essential almost, as a famous psychologist once said that you are only as sick as the secrets you keep. Speaking up helps you voice your opinions, it helps you raise your self-esteem, and it prevents you getting oppressed in situations. And a word of advice for anyone who has ever not done this out of fear: the consequences are almost never as bad as you had feared they would be, indeed they are almost never bad, they are good in stead. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is a fact. Experienced first hand, in my own real life.

In a world turning fast on technology and toxic emotions, feeling good is a life necessity as important as oxygen or water, the value of which is often sadly undermined and people end up not deriving it as a result, leading to the appalling mental health statistics of today. To make sure you do not fall another victim to that, to make sure you are always happy like the good old days, keep calm and follow the steps outlined for you above. You will emerge feeling on top of the world, and you can thank me later. After all, happiness is an inner art.


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