6 Adventures to Enjoy Around the World

The world is so diverse in terms of the experiences it provides that it is truly breathtaking. Innumerable landscapes, each more spectacular than the other make you really connect with nature and in the process, with yourself. And if you are an adventure lover, then the opportunities for you are truly endless. Here are 6 of the many activities that you can indulge in for a once in a lifetime experience.

1. Surfing in Bali, Indonesia

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If you are a hardcore water lover, then surfing is something that would appeal to you the most. The inviting waters of Bali which often have up to 12 feet of waves consistently on their beaches are a great place to enjoy your favorite activity. For beginners, there is no need to feel intimidated. The waves of Bali have something to offer to people of varying levels of skill. Some of the best spots for surfing in Bali include Canggu and Medewi. Be sure however to enquire first about the levels of waves at the beach you are about to hit by fitting it with your level of skill.

2. Sand boarding in Mui Ne, Vietnam

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Gliding down white expanses of snow during snowboarding is a tried and tested experience, however, doing the same thing while zooming across sandy dunes is something many people are yet to relish. That is what the exciting sand boarding activity in Mui Ne is offering countless adventure junkies. One of the best places in the world for sand boarding, there are primarily two popular spots for undertaking this thrilling adventure here, the white sands and the red sands. Head to the local kiteboarding shops and invest in some sturdy boards for a truly frolic experience of sliding down the steep sandy slopes!

3. Adventure Biking in, Thailand

Photo by Sasint, CC0 1.0

For lovers of unconventional tourism, exploring a new place through biking is the best way to discover and truly immerse yourself in the experience. Thailand has a number of beautiful terrains through which biking becomes the perfect combination of adventure and tranquility. Drive through the lush green forests and waterfalls, stopping on your way to do much more than smell the roses. The best part, you don’t have to find specific “adventure biking” sites in Thailand, this can be enjoyed all over!

4. Kitesurfing in Boracay Island, Philippines

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Imagine regular surfing, but take it a step higher- quite literally. In kitesurfing, you are surfing on water while being tied to a kite that enables you to perform breathtaking aerial acrobatics. It is an absolute wonder for all adventure sports lovers and the Boracay Islands in the Philippines is where all the action happens. This island with its perfect wind and water conditions almost all year round attracts people from all over the globe to try this wonderful activity. The feeling of gliding over water and flying over it the very next moment is surely an experience worth trying.

5. Hiking at Nevis Peak

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A perilous yet wondrous trek awaits you at Nevis Peak. The almost three thousand feet trek over the volcano looks like a cake walk and fairly straight forward, however it is absolutely not advised to undertake the trek without a guide. However, the proper preparation and the relentless will to climb to the top is duly rewarded. The hikers enjoy magnificent views of the vast Caribbean Sea, some of which are unprecedented and will surely leave an indelible image in your mind. To help you in your preparation, here is a guide to Nevis that will definitely come in handy.

6. Whale Shark Diving, Thailand

Photo by Ardanssas, CC0 1.0

Due to the abundance of water sports in the beautiful, you can discover some absolutely unique experiences under and over water at these islands. For lovers of marine life, here is a chance to swim with one of the most gigantic creatures under water, the whale sharks! Head to the Surin Islands and dive at the Richelieu Rock where you would find these friendly giants swimming in the ocean. Terrifying at first, you may really enjoy their lovely 40 feet presence so much so that you come back for a second visit! Do not worry about safety as these sharks are quite harmless and feed on plankton only. Bring out the nature lover in you and befriend these peaceful creatures on the sea bed.


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