7 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Home Decor

No one wants to just take what they see on Pinterest or a home design website and make their home look just like that. How boring would it be if everyone had the same interior design of their home? You should be looking to make your home as personalized as possible. That way, the interior of your home is going to be as unique as you are. When your friends or family members walk into your home, you should be wanting them to be seriously impressed with what you’ve done to the place. Plus, you’re going to be so much happier when you look around and see the personalization you’ve achieved in the interior of your home.

Keep reading down below, where we’re going to go through some of the top ways we have that you can personalize your home décor. There are so many things that you probably have never even thought of when it comes to making your home more unique to yourself and your family. Enjoy the article and we hope that you have a great time decorating your home!

1. Repurpose Your Old Clothes You Never Wear Anymore

Did you know that you can actually use those old clothes in your closet to make some personalized home décor? Imagine what you have in your closet. Maybe you have an old jersey from high school that you love, but you don’t want it taking up space in your closet. Or an old band t-shirt that you would rather make into some of your home décors. Or maybe you don’t have anything at all and you can just head to a vintage shop to find a piece of clothing that reminds you of your childhood.

You can easily stitch those images onto a pillow or blanket to remind you every day of the good ‘ole days. This is a great way to use those old memories and make them a greater part of your home. Whenever you sit down on the couch, you are going to be able to remember those fond memories and have a bit of nostalgia before you get back to the real life.

2. Photos Without Those Frames

There are so many ways that you can make your home unique with old or new photos of your friends and family members. However, why do you want to be stuck with those photo frames that you can buy at every single store out there? These are definitely not unique and are not going to add any kind of personalization to your home.

A much better way to go about things is to just print out those photos of friends and family members and make a design on one wall of your bedroom or living room. For example, you can arrange the photos in the shape of a world map, pin them together with some string, and you have a world map on your wall that connects all of your photos together. Or you can print off a huge photo of your family members and add it to one of your walls. Or you could even use a digital photo frame!

3. Mark Your Words

You can easily use decals or stencils to put some quotes up on a wall or two of your house. However, why would you just pick a quote or a saying that everyone else loves too? Think back in your past to things that your parents used to tell you or other quotes that have a special meaning to you. When you use these words, rather than a generic quote that you find on the Internet, there’s going to be so much more personality in the interior of your home. Plus, when you look up at these words, you are going to be filled with past memories of whoever said them.You can even use quotes to liven up your bathroom décor, which can be also made better by installing the most reliable freestanding tub to maximize your comfort.

4. Celebrate Places

If you’ve lived somewhere else in your life or have done quite a bit of traveling, then these places that you’ve lived probably have a special place in your heart. Why not show off that love in your home? You can easily print off your photos from your times in these destinations and put them up on your walls. Or you can buy a globe that you can scratch off where you’ve been in the world and place it on the brand-new desk. Speaking of which, instead of wasting money on buying expensive furniture, rent some stylish wooden pieces, so that you can go for new ones for a new look. This is a great way for you to show off where you’ve come from and even plan where you’re going to go in the future.

5. Display Your Personal Collections Proudly

One of the best ways to show off your personal side is to show your personal collections proudly. Don’t be afraid to put your personal mementos and objects up on shelves or on the coffee table. This is a great way to show what you’ve been up to in life and these can even become conversation pieces in your house. Whenever your friends or family members come over, they will notice these pieces and will be able to start up a conversation about them.

6. Add Some Color to That Front Door

A fantastic way to make your home much more personable is to add some color to your front door. What’s your favorite color? If that color goes with the overall style of your house, why not paint your front door that color? This is often the first thing that people notice about your house, so why not make an impression right away? A brightly colored front door isn’t something that you see so often, so this a great way to show off your uniqueness.

7. Make Your Own Artwork

If you are an artist or some other creative soul, why would you spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive painting to furnish your house with? You can easily frame your own creations to put on the wall to show off to those people who come by. You can turn your own home into your art gallery to make the interior super unique to you.

There you have it! When you want to make your home unique and personable, then these are the tips to get you there. Good luck decorating!


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