7 Things You Should Know Before Joining Yoga Classes

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If you’ve made the decision to start up with some yoga, then know that this is a really great decision! Yoga is a fantastic way for you to increase your flexibility, get some peace of mind, and start an ancient practice that has been used for centuries as a way to connect with yourself and the world around you. However, you might be a bit intimidated when you think about going to your very first yoga class. What will happen once you're there? Do you have to wear shoes or not? What kind of clothes are you supposed to wear?

The chances are high that you’ve probably asked yourself these kinds of questions in the days leading up to your first yoga class. Make sure to keep reading down below to learn more about what you should know before joining yoga classes.

1. Try to Be Familiar with Some of The Basics of Yoga

There are some basic poses that you should pick up before you get out there and join a yoga class. It’s going to be much easier for you to start with your yoga poses when you’ve tried out a few at home. Poses like the downward dog and the tree pose is some of the most basic ones that everyone should know if they’re trying out a yoga class.

Plus, when you already know the basics of yoga, you are going to seem that much prepared when your teacher tells you to do a certain pose! No embarrassing times for you at your yoga class.

2. Pick the Yoga Studio That’s Closest to Your Home

One of the most important things that you should think about when you are starting a yoga class is the location of the studio. You never want to choose a studio that’s super far from home that you have a travel for a long time in your car or on the bus to get to. That’s just going to stress you out and make you super cranky for your yoga class. It’s much better to choose a studio that’s a close walk from home and that you don’t have to drive so long to get to. Plus, you’ll be able to save that gas and money, so that you can spend on some more yoga gear!

3. Always Get to Your Yoga Classes About 15 Minutes Earlier Than the Starting Time

You never want to have to rush to start your yoga class on time. Make sure that you aim to arrive at the class at least 15 minutes before the start time. That’s going to ensure that you can get to the class without having to rush in and try to catch up with what everyone’s doing.

Plus, you will have some time to do some meditation or just catch up with your friends who are doing the yoga class with you. Starting the yoga class on a good note is important for your overall experience when doing poses.

4. Eat Light Before the Yoga Class

One of the most important things to think about when you are joining a yoga class is the fact of your diet. You should not be eating anything that’s too heavy or anything with too much acid before you go to your daily session. This is going to completely ruin your yoga experience. It would be horrible to get a nasty cramp while you are trying to do that favorite yoga pose of yours.

You should remember that yoga is just like any other form of exercise, just a bit calmer and collected. You are still going to be expending energy and burning calories when you do those tough poses. That means you should aim not to eat much before you work out – eat enough to get your energy up.

5. Make Sure to Stay Hydrated Before and After a Class

Of course, because yoga is just like any other kind of exercise, you’ve got to stay hydrated before and after your yoga session. Aim to drink enough water before the class to be fully hydrated, so you’re not gasping for water while the class goes on. And afterward, you will probably have sweated quite a bit during an intense session. Make sure to have a bottle of water handy so that you can get re-hydrated.

6. Always Wear Comfortable Clothes

Of course, one of the most important things that you should know when taking a yoga class is what you need to wear. You should never be wearing clothes that are too tight or uncomfortable. This is going to completely ruin your yoga experience when you can barely move to complete the poses. Make sure to just wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move around in. You shouldn’t be worrying about what you look like – just wear comfortable clothes and have a good time!

7. Don’t Forget to Take Your Shoes Off During Classes

You should never be wearing shoes whenever you do yoga. This is going to make performing a lot of poses way more tough than it should be. Just make sure your feet don’t smell too much when you take off those shoes! Try to bring some shoe deodorant if you think that your shoes are going to smell up the studio.

You can even take off your socks too whenever you perform yoga poses. This is going to help you gain more traction on your yoga mat. You definitely don’t want to be sliding around your yoga mat because you left your socks on, do you?

And there you have it! Each of these points is super important for you to consider before you join your first yoga class. However, you should know that joining a yoga class is one of the best decisions you can make for your overall health and wellness. This is going to give you the opportunity to center yourself, relax, and increase your flexibility and strength like with no other form of exercise. So, have a good time at yoga class!


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