7 Tips for Building Successful Android Apps

These days, desktop computers and laptops are taking a backseat to smartphones and tablets. Smartphones are doing to computers what computers did to paper: quickly making the future unclear.

Paper still plays an important world in business - and in life. Computers do, too. But the fact remains: smartphones, and the quadrillion apps available at the push of a finger, are the "king" of electronics.

Androids app are everywhere. Every day it seems like hundreds of people are coming up with thousands of ideas for apps.

There's a lot of money in developing Android apps, too. This fact probably added to the millions of apps that died during production, failed to take off, or simply fizzled out before the idea could gestate.

Because in the end, it all boils down to how you increase app downloads and most companies fail at that. That's why if you want to bring an app into this world - there's a few things you should understand about the "mean streets" of the app industry. Countless apps have died during production (even in the drawing board stages) because makers didn't understand, at the time, what make an Android app successful.

1. Distribute (On More Channels Than One)

If it's promotion time for your business, you don't advertise on Facebook, wipe your hands off and call it a day. You advertise on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Anywhere and everywhere there's people who will LOVE what you're selling.

So, it is with apps. Do you know how many apps are distributed worldwide on a day-to-day basis? Too much for me to talk about here, that's for sure!

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. That's a silly cliché, and it's true.

2. Give an Incredible Experience

The easier, more fun time your users have on your app - the more likely they are to talk about it, and share that experience with friends, colleagues, even family members.

Successful apps are made with 0% doubt that the number of people who enjoy the app for X amount of time... will outweigh the people who don't like it.

How you do this is by making sure the app works in the first place - think long run timeframes here.

3. Research Your Competition

Is your app for games? Messaging? Mobile security? Whichever category your app idea fits into, researching other apps in your market is the best thing you can do to prevent cloning.

Or, in other words, to prevent spending your hard-earned money and valuable time making something that already exists. This screams "me too" and makes you look like you're a copycat.

4. Study Your Competitors

Studying your competitors is different from researching the competition in one crucial way: you can figure out what the big boys are doing...

…and do it better. Or, you can read user reviews about what the customers don't like about certain premium apps... things like what they "wish" was in the app... and implement it into your own.

By providing the value other apps don't, you're super-charging the likelihood of your app hitting the "big leagues."

5. Looks Matter

Like it or not, people judge books based on covers. It's just a fact of life that some things (and people) that are more pleasing to the eye... have better chances of "keeping" our interest.

Think about it: would you pay more attention to a homeless man, or a man who's dressed up in a sharp business suit?

Make your "baby" irresistible to look at and you can be sure your user base will have a better experience with your app.

6. Simplicity is a Secret Weapon

Remember when the iPod came out all those years ago? You simply clicked and dragged (or imported) the songs you wanted. This was simple. So easy to do a child or older (55+) person could do it.

You want this, for one reason only: to make users' experiences as painless and easy as possible. If it takes hours of work for people to use your app, they'll flee like flies.

7. Publish on Google Play

Yup, publishing on Google's store (Play) lets you distribute your app to over one BILLION Android users all over the world.

Last Thoughts

This list isn't exhaustive - not by a long shot! Hopefully you've found more than the lion's share of helpful things to keep in mind for your app.


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