8 Tips for Crafting Your Best College Essay

College is definitely not the easiest thing you will ever encounter, but it can be very rewarding for your future if you put in the effort you need to do well. And one of the most frequent assignments given to college students today is the essay. Every course you take in college requires you to write at least one essay, and most require much more than that. So how can you do your best in these courses by writing high-quality essays for them?

This is why I have mentioned here the top 8 tips for crafting your best college essay.

Engage your audience

The first thing your audience sees in an essay is your introduction, and if you can’t reel them in there, your essay has failed before it even really got a chance to begin. So, you need to identify your audience and find a way to engage with them in the introduction.

Your audience, unless you are told otherwise, is your professor. Take what you know about people like your professor, and apply it your introduction. If the essay is one coffee, but your professor doesn’t drink it, start with a question about why people drink coffee to have your professor think about that and become engaged in your writing.

Decide what you feel

You can’t write an essay you don’t feel at least a little passion for. And in college, your essay topics are often picked for you, giving you a little option in finding something that you’d actually like to write about. So, if you aren’t given the option to choose your topic, find out how you feel about the topic you’re given.

You have to find something you enjoy or are interested in about your topic – there is no way that a good essay will come from a topic you hate or are simply disinterested in.

Most essays are either argumentative or informative, which means you can take a bit of time to decide what side of the argument you feel most strongly about or find out facts about the topic that interest you.

Create a strong thesis statement

You do not want to make the person reading your essay confused about how you feel about the topic – tell them plainly, in the last sentence of your introduction, what the essay is going to be about, and how you feel about the topic in your essay.

Make the body of your essay long

You have to be able to use specific detail in the body of your essay, making it the longest part of the entire essay.

Include personal facts and stories, called anecdotes, as well as specific examples, statistics, and professional sources. Information and arguments are built off of proof, and you can use that to your advantage when writing to make the length of the body of your essay more appropriate for the topic.

Use at least three main points

A properly-made essay will include at least three main facts or arguments – any less and it seems like you haven’t done your research.

This can apply to any essay but is most important for argumentative assignments. You must not only argue your points with facts but be able to counter the critics of others using these points in the body of your paragraph.

Do extensive, reputable research

As said previously, nothing in an essay is built without proof and sources. To really do your best on an essay topic, you need to have extensive research to back whatever you say. Not only that, but you also need to have sources that are reputable – you want to get facts about the health of your nation from public government records, not from a weight-loss website.

Use connecting sentences

If you want your essay to flow well, you need to connect every paragraph and topic.

After you’ve written your essay in full, go back and add a sentence to the end of every paragraph after the introduction that leads what you were saying in one paragraph to what you are saying in the next.

Conclude with a summary

Your conclusion needs to include everything that you mentioned in your essay as a form of a summary, but it also needs to catch attention like your introduction. Why not try using a question as your final sentence, to ensure your audience is still thinking about what you said when they finish?

And now, with these 8 tips, you can go about crafting your best college essay or if writing is not possible, you can buy urgent essay writing service from some freelancer who follows these tips.


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