8 Ways to Maintain the Bike You Worked Hard For

So, you’ve finally saved up enough money to purchase that bike that you’ve wanted for years now. You went to the dealership, picked up your bike, and you’ve had your first ride on that beauty. However, you might have noticed that the exterior is getting a little bit dirty already. This is something that you have definitely got to think about – how are you going to maintain and keep that bike that you’ve worked so hard for clean? If you don’t spend time maintaining you bike, you might be in for a rude awakening when things start breaking down in the future. When you spend time maintaining and cleaning your bike, it’s going to last a lot longer than you could have ever wished for. And that’s important when you already spent so much money on this big purchase. Be sure to keep reading down below to learn the top ways that you’re going to be able to maintain that bike.

1. Understand that preparation is the most important part of cleaning/maintaining

When you are about to clean your bike, you’ve got to understand that preparation is key. You need to be prepared to ensure that nothing gets wet or cleaned that doesn’t need to be. Make sure to remove any accessories like your GPS that doesn’t need to get wet or that can be harmed if they do get wet. And ensure that you have all of your tools and cleaning materials ready to go to get this over with. For example, you’re going to need buckets, some soft microfiber clothes, soap, tar remover, etc. When you are thoroughly prepared to get this cleaning done, it’s going to take a lot less time than it otherwise would.

2. Know the best times to wash your bike and where to do it

You should never head over to car washes to get your bike washed. You’re much better off doing this job by yourself. That way, you are going to be able to ensure that the job gets done well and you don’t have to worry about anything. However, make sure that you’re not washing your car out on the street or on a driveway where other people will be driving. This could be pretty dangerous for both you and your bike. In addition to that, you should never wash your bike right after you’ve spent a long ride out on the road. This is because you never want to get cold water on a hot engine – give it some time to cool down before you start the cleaning process.

3. Make sure to wash your bike on a regular basis, but don’t go crazy

You are going to have to balance a bit here. You want to wash your bike on a regular basis, not only to maintain it properly, but to ensure that you spot any problems before they become larger repairs in the future. If there are any bugs that have been squashed by your bike, you shouldn’t leave them on for too long either, as they can permanently damage the exterior of your bike. That’s why frequent washing is pretty important.

However, on the other hand, you don’t want to wash your bike too much. There is definitely such a thing as washing your bike too much that can cause some damage. Just use your common sense when determining when you need to wash your bike and you will be just fine! In addition to that, if you keep your bike cleaned and maintained, you’re not going to be needing a bike lawyer any time soon!

4. Make sure that you’re using good cleaning agents when cleaning your bike

When you’re cleaning up your bike, you want to ensure that you’re using the right cleaning agents to get the job done. If you don’t, you could risk damaging your bike in the long-run and that’s definitely not something you want to happen. You should be able to get the right cleaning agents for the job you’re trying to do at the local auto shop. Make sure that you don’t use regular old household products as this can seriously damage the paint in the long-run. If you’re not sure which products you can use for your cleaning, then you can always search on the Internet or ask the sales representative when you are at the auto shop.

5. Know how to clean your bike with high pressure tools

If you are going to be using a pressure washer to get your cleaning done, then you need to make sure that you know what you’re doing. Pressure washers can indeed get off caked-on mud and other tough spots, but that high pressure water can also easily get into cracks and crevices it shouldn’t get into. That could cause damage to certain electronics and cause corrosion. Make sure to keep that pressurized water away from any spots that it shouldn’t touch and you should be good to go!

6. Get the right cleaning tools on your side

Of course, without the right tools, there is no way that you’re going to be able to clean and maintain your beautiful bike. Make sure to keep separate rags and sponges for the different areas of your bike and the different jobs you need done. For example, don’t use the same sponge that you used on the wheels as you’re going to use on the seat. This could cause the grease from your wheels to get onto the seat and cause damage.

7. Check the details of your bike when cleaning

There is a big difference between the bike that’s just been washed over and the bike where attention has been paid to detail. After you’ve washed your bike, be sure to go over it a couple more times with a micro-fiber cloth to get rid of any extra debris. Clean up all of the spots of your bike that you think you don’t need to clean – the chances are high that you definitely should clean them to ensure the longevity of your bike’s life.

8. Waxing is the key to keeping that shine and protecting the exterior of your bike

Of course, you’ve got to think about waxing when you’re cleaning your bike and maintaining it. Wax is not only going to make your bike super shiny, but it’s going to ensure that your bike is protected from the harsh elements when riding.

There you have it! Cleaning and maintaining your bike has never been easier with these tips on your side. Keep them in mind and you’re sure to keep your bike for the long-run.


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