How Can an Organization Save Money on Fleet Costs?

If you are an organization that is depending on your fleet to get deliveries out there to customers, then this article is the one for you. You know better than anyone that gas prices are going through the roof and this is causing you to spend a ton of your fleet. Or there is way too much maintenance and repairs having to be made on your fleet and you’re wondering how to cut down on those expenses. Well, we’re here to help. Down below, you’re going to find the top ways that an organization can cut down on the expenses of having a fleet. Keep reading to learn more and watch those savings come in!

Spruce Up That Strategy

The best thing that you can do with your fleet costs is to take a look at your underlying fleet strategy. What is that looking like? Has it been updated in a while? If you’re like most organizations, then your fleet strategy might have been made once and the set on the shelf until now that you’re looking at it. Don’t be afraid to bring in expert consultants who can really help you make this strategy into something that’s worthwhile. It’s not going to do much looking for cost cutting techniques when your underlying strategy isn’t working so good.

Fine-Tune Your Funding

You should take the time to look where your funding is coming from for your fleets. Are you losing money anywhere, where you could be saving a lot? There are probably many loans and financing options that you’ve taken out to afford your fleet costs. Check and see if there is any way that you renegotiate these loans and make sure that they are working for you and your company, rather than for the financial institution.

Master Mileage

You should be making sure that all journeys in fleet vehicles are logged onto a central system, where everyone can see where journeys have been taken and where time could have cut. When you do this, you will be able to plan out these journeys way more efficiently and see where gas mileage could have been saved.

In addition to that, this is going to show drivers that they can’t just write anything down that they want to. They are going to have to write down exactly where they went and they won’t be able to take any unnecessary journeys that cost you money.

Fight Fuel Costs

If you have a fleet that’s dependent on fuel, then why not think about switching your fleet over to a technology that’s less dependent on fuel? With the rise of electric and hybrid technology, there are plenty of fleet options for you to choose from. There’s no reason that you have to go with those fleet vehicles that depend on fossil fuels. You can try out an electric fleet or just a fleet that’s a bit more energy efficient.

By doing this, you might be spending more money upfront, but imagine how much money you’re going to be saving in the long-run with the gas costs that you’ll be saving! Plus, the earth is going to thank you for not putting all of that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Tap into Skills and Scale

If you are running a fleet that’s a bit too complex for you to handle or for your employees to handle, why not think about outsourcing the fleet management? This is an option that could save you a ton of money and a lot of time when you do it. Imagine not having to deal with anything relating to fleet management. Also, you can employ a good fleet management software which is indeed an investment in the long-run, as it will help you manage your fleet, employees, costs and make your fleet productivity more optimized.

Put A Dent in Those Repair Bills

It’s been shown that repairs thanks to accidents of your fleet vehicles cost way much more money than you can probably afford. That’s why it’s a much better idea that you stop these accidents from happening in the first place. Make sure your drivers are trained in how to properly drive the fleet vehicle and that they know how to be safe on the road. This is not only good for your company, but it’s also good for the lives of your drivers so that they don’t have to put themselves in danger while driving around deliveries.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

The best thing you can do for your fleet management is to have great drivers behind the wheel. It’s much better for you to prevent accidents and maintenance from happening than finding a cure for it. So, whenever you are interviewing your new fleet drivers, ensure that they know what they’re doing and that they’re going to be safe on the road when they get behind the wheel.

Clean Up the Grey Fleet

If you think that some of your employees need a car just for them for their role in the company, then think again about this gray fleet. There is no connection between higher profits and productivity and the opportunity to have a car all to yourself. If you have been providing cars to your employees on a regular basis, then think about cleaning up this policy. What if there is a ride-sharing policy or that you can only have a certain amount of business trips every month? This is going to seriously cut down on your costs.

Stay One Step Ahead of The Curve

You should make sure that you are keeping an open dialogue and open ears about advances in new fleet technologies and how many more cost savings could be in the future. Every day, there are innovations being made in this industry that you can be taking advantage of to make your company more successful and make your finances look a little less scary.

There you have it! Fleet management is a big topic, but there’s nothing more important than saving your money for a rainy day or so you can invest it into other areas of your company.


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