How To Start A Skating Rink Business

As per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010-11 Career Guide to Industries, 1,136,000 workers worked in the leisure entertainment and recreation industries in 2008, and a large number of those operated skating risks. As we know, skating was invented by Joseph Merlin (a Belgian) in 1760. And recent days, the industry has been expanded worldwide. More than 750 rinks are in the four listed countries that consider themselves as Roller Skating Association International’s members. If you are planning to open a rink of your own, you can suppose to open it with some careful substantial financing skills, entertainment skills and planning skills.

1. You can begin it writing a formal business plan that thoroughly files cash flow factors in your new rink, potential liabilities, business concern and other marketing techniques. There is need for you to be comprehensive because you are going to present your document to a lender who will finance your project. It takes substantial financing, often round around $1 million, for building a rink an existing building.

2. You need to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) via the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website at This number is used for business identification and it will allow you to hire employees and using this you will also be able to set up your business checking account.

3. You should contact the secretary of state's office for setting up your business registration and sales tax license. You need to contact your local government for discussing food service permits, licenses and planning and zoning considerations regarding where you want to locate your renovate.

4. If possible find an existing building, otherwise you have to build your own. It will be beneficial to locate your business near some residential area that covers up a high concentration of families or near a shopping mall. Your main target should be to attract school-aged customers.

5. You need to be wise while choosing or building. Primarily, you must search for a building that will be big enough for allowing the rink surface. It should be no less than 185 feet in length and 85 feet in width, larger could be preferable. This measurement would be fit in the needs with a roller hockey match. Minimum 20 feet on the sides and 40-50 feet at one end should be allowed for entertainment purposes like pool tables and arcade games. You can consider this area to locate your deli with tables and can provide a Wi-Fi access to entertain the parents or nannies.

6. Surface the rink floor. Possibly, the least expensive flooring is mostly rigid with an urethane coating or plastic and it needs to be re-coated and polished annually. Undoubtedly, wood floors costs much high, but these floors are more charming and more gentle on a skater. Wood floors also require maintenance.

7. For extra profit centers, you can also install an arcade and a deli with tables. You can also supply the skates for selling and renting. For making the environment of building more appealing, you can install a loud sound system for playing the music throughout the facility.

8. You can also make a communication with local universities for negotiating rink use for college or other intramural roller hockey matches. You just need an area for providing benches on one side if you want to sign the school.

9. Marketing is an essential part for the growth of any business. Market to youth groups schools and other concerned groups. Make advertisements on social as well as in print media with open skate times and mentioning your prices. You can create packages such as birthday party and can contact a cake designer for providing cakes to the customers.

10. Roller-skating is thoroughly a family activity, that mostly attracts children and teens. Keeping this in mind, you should build your customer base. Skate night is a social event for elementary schools, but church groups can also be reliable customers. Customers that visits with a group mostly return with their friends or family. Also make some special events to magnetize more customers. A disc jockey on Saturday nights, for Halloween or Valentine's Day and a New Year's event will all attract skaters.


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