How to Create Viral Content: 10 Tips from Oliver Isaacs, One of the Fastest Growing Tech Influencers in the UK

Today, there is more demand for content that adds value, educates and entertains than there ever has been. From reading those informative blogs, to watching videos on Instagram Stories, to sharing on Youtube– there are now numerous avenues to consume the best content. With the rapid rise in Internet usage across the world and huge growth in mobile usage, big companies, influencers and celebrities are now relying on social media more than ever to engage, entertain and influence.

Oliver Isaacs, one of the fastest growing tech influencers in the UK and founder of several high-profile pages on Facebook, Instagram and the viral opinion based social network, sat down with me at New York TechCrunch Disrupt to share some of his thoughts based on his experiences. His network has achieved over one billion unique visitors since its founding five years ago and Oliver’s own following has exceeded a few hundred thousand followers across a number of major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter). Oliver is also a mentor at Techstars – the highly influential global entrepreneur and investor network. On his personal Instagram alone ( Oliver has over 100,000 followers and has been featured giving advice to startups, and offering motivational thoughts in the Snapchat and Instagram Stories of highly respected global tech leaders like Mark Cuban, Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins.

Oliver Isaacs, the Wizard Who Can Make Any Content Go Viral in Less Than Half an Hour

It took a very short time with Oliver to tell he is exceptionally smart and extremely shrewd. His talent for problem solving and his ability to spot an opportunity among a sea of problems is second to none. While studying at the world class London School of Economics, Oliver started his first company, learning about SEO and how to generate traffic to websites in different niches. Later on, he started one of the fastest growing E-Commerce companies in the United Kingdom, and has secured partnerships with Amazon FBA, which he still runs today.

The 24-year-old Oliver notes, “Settling for average is not an option for me. It’s true that you have to be a risk-taker, but you have to take intelligent risks and manage risk well. If you have the passion to set up a start-up or business, go for it and don’t look back. Sometimes in life it’s good to step into the unknown and outside your comfort zone – you’ll make mistakes along the way but you’ll also learn a huge amount. I also believe sometimes it’s better to have a completely blank slate of zero experience as a startup founder. If you come in with preconceived notions sometimes this can actually be detrimental as a founder. Most startup founders didn't start out with a degree in business or some background in growing a company from nothing to something. The ones that do well have an ability to learn along the way and learn from their mistakes to become a better founder’.

On the question about the secret behind viral content, Oliver says, “Firstly, there isn’t one specific secret. Getting something viral is an art not a science.

People only hear of the success stories, but one shouldn’t forget there are millions of people hustling and working their way to the top –there are billions of videos, articles, pictures and links that don’t get clicked on. If you’re not determined and prepared to fail before you succeed, you’re already at a disadvantage. To make something viral, it needs to be different – something that stands out. Obviously if you have managed to grow a huge following, it will be easier to reach and engage your audience, compared to someone just starting out. If the Rock or the Unilad network or 9gag releases or shares a video, it’s bound to reach millions and be picked up by news outlets. Not everyone has this luxury though.”

Oliver Isaacs demonstrates wisdom beyond his age having been a consultant for many top Fortune 500 companies and been asked to talk about tech startups topics and viral content at many of the leading tech and startup conferences in the world.

Oliver reveals 10 tips to give your content the best chance of going viral:

“There’s a number of traits, content should have to give it the best chance of reaching the masses.”

1. Evokes strong responses by offering surprising content.

2. Engage positive emotions – Only an inspiring story and content which makes people happy is likely to be shared the most.

3. Content that creates strong empathy – creates connection between the content and the reader.

4. Have a newsworthy alignment – ensure that the content appeals to the media as this will attract traffic across multiple platforms.

5. Content that is easy to understand.

6. Content that is in a generally usable format.

7. Get visual – Posts with pictures will be shared more.

8. Content that is easy to share.

9. Focus on topical issues or news – Such content will be memorable and engaging.

10. Content that appeals to universal niches e.g. pets, health, celebrities, travel and nutrition.

Oliver wisely notes that: ‘If you want yourself, your company or your products visible, there is now no question you need to leverage the power of social networks – whether its Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter or Amazon. These robust networks and audience have given a voice to millions of companies, their products and services. Ordinary people can now create videos in their bedroom, and if successful in doing so we now call them influencers. The influencers of today will be the pop stars of tomorrow’.


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