How to Dress Your Best in Summers and Stay Cool

When it comes to dressing up in the summers, this can be a big hassle. You don’t want to dress too light because what happens if you stay out and don’t have any kind of layer for the cooler night? And you definitely don’t want to wear too many layers, or else you’re going to have a ton of sweat stains to look after. When you’re trying to dress cool for the summer, then make sure that you’ve read the below article. We’re going to take you through the top things that you need to know to dress your best in summers and to stay cool while you’re at it.

Make Sure to Keep the Clothes You Wear Loose

The first thing that you’ve got to think about is the fit of your clothes. You definitely don’t want to wear clothes that are too tight in the summer. That’s just asking for sweat stains to appear on that nice pink blouse. When you have a lot of fabric that’s touching up against your body, your body is going to feel a whole lot warmer. That’s why it’s a much better idea to go with free-flowing blouses and dresses that aren’t going to hug your body too tightly. Plus, nothing says summer like a nice, flowing summer dress.

Forget About That Padded Inner Ware in The Summer Time

It’s so much better for you to get rid of your padded bra for the summer time. When you’re stuck with layers of foam around your breasts on a hot summer’s day, you’re going to find yourself with major boob sweat. Just go ahead and go with the unlined bras that you have for this time of the year or go and get some if you don’t already own them! You’re going to be thankful when you don’t have to deal with all of that sweat.

Avoid Any Flimsy Fabrics

You want to make sure that you don’t wear too much of a flimsy piece of fabric when you’re out in the sunshine. That’s because the flimsier a fabric is, the more likely it’s going to stick to your skin whenever you sweat. And that’s something that you definitely don’t want! You should aim to wear clothes that have a bit more of a structure to them, rather than no structure at all if you want to be cool.

Go Light on Make Up

When you know the temperature outside can drench you in sweat, there is no sense in wasting the expensive products you bought from exclusive and niche collection of your favorite website. The sunlight is going to make your face look radiant anyways. Therefore, it would be wise to opt for some light waterproof makeup for the day outings.

Layer It Up with Open Weave Knits

If you want to add some layers to your boring summer outfit, then you should definitely try out some open weave knits. These are going to give you that layer that you are looking for and make your outfit unique, without completely blocking off your air circulation. Air is still going to be able to get through the openings between the knits.

Always Go for Clothes That Are Made of Natural Fabrics

You might think the opposite, but those clothes that are made out of natural fabrics are going to be much more breathable and absorb sweat much more efficiently than synthetic fabrics. These natural fibers are going to be the much better choice when the sun’s heat is relentless. You should go with fibers like cotton over polyester, for example.

Lower Your Body Temperature by Taking a Nice, Warm Shower

You might think that you should be taking a cold shower in the summer time to cool down before you put on your summer clothes for the day. However, when you do that, you can actually freak out your body enough that it raises your internal temperature to keep up. You should aim to always have a warm shower whenever the sun is shining. This is going to ensure that your body stays at a neutral temperature and you’re not sweating like crazy whenever you try to get dressed in the morning.

Make Sure Your Clothes Are Fresh and Clean

When you have dirty clothes that are full of debris and dust, they are actually going to be much more clogged up than those clothes you have that are clean. When you clean your clothes on a regular basis, then you are going to be getting rid of that debris that’s blocking the air flow in your clothes.

Forget Any of Those Heavy Embellishments

Make sure to avoid wearing heavy embellishments whenever you are heading out in the summer time. These are only going to add another layer to your clothing and keep your body from breathing and staying cool. Even though they may look good, these embellishments are just going to weight you down.

Always Bring Some Sort of Shade with You

When you’re out and about, you never know when you’re going to be spending time in the sunshine. In order to protect yourself from the heat, you should ensure that you always bring some sort of shade with you. This can be in the form of a wide-brimmed hat or maybe even a light scarf that you can throw around your neck or head. When you have these clothing accessories handy, then you are going to be ready for whatever the summer time throws at you.

Only Wear Unlined Jackets and Dresses

Whenever you see something that is lined in your closet, make sure not to wear it during the summer time! These clothes are only going to have that extra layer between your body and the heat. You’re going to be so much hotter when you have this extra layer keeping your body from breathing and keeping cool, so you’re better off with unlined jackets and dresses.

Leave That Backpack at Home

Sure, you might usually bring around your big backpack whenever you are traversing across town for schools or meetings. However, this can lead to unsightly back sweat stains and weigh you down when all you want to do is cool down. You should look into getting some cross-body totes that will be light and allow you to carry around everything that you need.

Each of these points is important to consider when you are trying to stay cool in the summer and still look fashionable. Keep them in mind and you’ll be good to go!


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