How to Get Motivated for Essay Writing

Essay writing is a challenging task. Essay writers may have the skills and knowledge in writing, but they may experience a lull because they are not motivated to write. There are many reasons why writers lack the drive and motivation when it comes to completing their essays. It could be due to personal problems, academic difficulties or they are simply bored with the subject that is too familiar for them. Whatever reasons they have, student writers need to be motivated to write their essays and complete this challenging task.

Finding Motivation

A person who has a desire to achieve higher marks in school will work hard for it. They are highly motivated and show interest in class assignments. Motivation is the facets of personality that keeps students working to reach their goals. It is about achieving targets, hitting deadlines and objectives. It is crucial not only for student lives but in everyday living because it gives a person the energy to get everything done.

Goal setting is as essential as finding motivation. Having a goal to reach provokes an individual to work hard to achieve it. Many writers set goals with their essay writing assignments. They want to make it on top of their class, so they have to write excellent pieces to impress and make an impact to their professors. Whenever they feel stressed out, student writers experience a writer’s block. Here are some pointers on how to overcome hindrances and find the motivation to be in control of your writing once again.

Build Up your Pool of Knowledge

One of the main reasons why writers experience a writer’s block is that they lack sufficient knowledge to go on with their essay. When a student is not sure about his level of skills and knowledge, it affects their confidence resulting to a small degree of self-actualization. They fear that they will not pass the subject or what they are doing is not sufficient. Writers can focus on topics that he has mastered. They can review previous researches and related studies to gain more information about the topic. Once that he or she feels that they have some command over the topic, they will feel more confident and motivated to finish the essay.

Tackle Distractions First

A student may feel too distracted by things around him so he cannot focus on writing his essay. They will feel that they are not motivated enough to do researches and write about it because they have many things running in their minds. They could be worrying about their future, work or other academic requirements. Some students feel that they do not need the exercise of writing essays and it doesn't matter, so they are not motivated to write. A good strategy to counter distraction is to take a short break from writing. In the case of family distractions, students can talk to his parent or siblings that he needs their understanding while he is writing his essay. Students can also discuss with their teacher's other school requirements that are currently bothering them and keeping them from completing their essays. Compromise should be set, and when it happens, a student can focus his attention more on his essay writing.

Celebrate Small Achievements

Goal setting is important when you have targets to achieve. Students will feel more motivated every time he completes his goal and objectives. Even if the school is lax about deadlines, make one for yourself and celebrate every time you reach the goals you have set. In writing, you can divide each task according to the importance and set each target date of completion. Treat yourself when you reach your goals and acknowledge your efforts. This way, a student will not only boost his self-confidence, but it will also motivate him and promote zeal to pursue more on the next parts.

Students can seek out friends and family when he experienced difficulties in writing his essay. They can give their opinion and critically read the paper to help make it better. Get more guidance and help from the teachers and professors to ease the stress out of writing. Keep in mind that high-levels of anxiety over your essay will cause low motivation and a writer’s block. Ease your mind off the tension and know when you need to have a break from writing.


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