How to Pay Less at The Hair Salon

Over the years, the beauty industry has grown tremendously and continues to do so in all regions of the world. When you talk of grooming, the first natural choice is a visit to the salon. The search for glamour may push you to seek the services of high-end salons and cosmetologists known to transform your looks. However, this routine activity should not rip you off financially. Below are some of the factors you need to consider when visiting a salon for a hair do. They will help you in cutting down your bill, the next time you check in for a haircut.

Invest In Wahl

When you have a few boys around, hair cut expenses can go through the roof. Since boys are still growing and have plenty of hormones, their hair tend to crop up fast. Further, they are more likely to keep their hair untidy. This factor forces you to undertake frequent visits to the barber. When you purchase your own clipper, you can partake this chore at home. Expenses such as fuel, time and hair cut charges spent going to the barber are hence eliminated.

Home Remedies
When your hair is itchy, the first reaction is to set the time to visit a salon. However, going to the salon in such a state will demand more in terms of time and money. In order to pay less in a salon, consider doing preliminary preparation like hair wash and shampooing at home. Afterwards, once the hair has been cut, other post-cutting procedures such as after-cut blow dry and styling, can also be done in the privacy and convenience of your home. Though it may look cumbersome, the savings made can be huge in the long run.

Like with all services, you should undertake constant research and price comparisons for similar hair services desired. By subscribing to flash sales websites, you can access much comparative information as well as genuine offers provided by salons around you. Sites like Groupon and Living Social usually list coupons to present for hair styling discounts in specific hair salons. Others such as Lifebookers and Gilt City advertise beauty services for sale with over half price discounts and loyalty service. Again, with research, you get to know the shampoo shades and hair oils that complement your hair color as well as the trending styles.

In the event, you have some attachments to a particular salon, you can wrestle a long-term discount by initiating a rapport with the person in charge of payments. By complementing their services and stating how much you pay them for your patronage, they may listen to your vibe. Chances are that you could strike a bargain.

Never offer
Once they have listened to your proposition, ask them how much discount they are willing to offer you. Do not provide an offer, chances are they may be willing to go below your suggestion. By giving them the opportunity to state their best price, you may haggle over it to reach a middle ground.

Even when the conversation hit a snag, do not be rude or show any sign of disgust. By being polite, they may propose alternative salon if their policy does not include the level of discount you are proposing.

Try alternatives
Another way to pay less in a salon is to try alternatives. Whether you disagree with your current salon or not, it is prudent to scout around. The new hair styling spots may be recommended by your friends or colleagues. They could also be found in the adverts or coupon sites. Be cautious though, it pays to make a casual visit to the new prospective salon just to explore the environment and visualize how they operate. Talking to some attendants will provide you with the insights of their operations as well as their specialty. In case you are not knowledgeable in their jargons, try carrying a picture of your preferred style and inquire how the style can be done on your hair, how long it takes, as well as how much it will cost you. This way, you mentally make a comparison with your usual hair joint. Besides, you appreciate their level of competencies as well as customer care.

Quality Products
Maintain quality hair products you need at home to keep your hair healthy and tidy. You may already have a list of all the hair products that work well with your hair. By procuring them using discount coupons and offers, you will secure huge discounts. Further, their application at home will eliminate the need to use the salons’ back cabinet add-on and other cosmetics, thereby saving you money. Being that you maintain your hair at home, you will require less frequent trips to the hair stylists. Again, since you hair will always in tip-top condition, the intensity of care needed in each visit will be low, automatically enabling you to pay less during your salon visits.

Now that you know how to pay less in a salon while maintaining that glamorous hairstyle, why not start on the tips today?


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