How to Properly Charge Your Hoverboard

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Hoverboards are one of the latest inventions in the science sector. It is really intriguing to know the way it functions. With rapid increase in automation, you don’t know what’s coming next. In little time, hoverboards have made its influence noticeable. It is being utilized in industries, offices, recreation venues and even for personal purposes.

1. Choosing the Right Hoverboard

Hoverboard was a much-needed invention but in some cases, greed has got the better of the manufacturers and they ought to have been indulging in the production of inauthentic hoverboards. In hoverboards, the lithium ion batteries used are very crucial and expensive component. This greed burdened manufacturers have focused on the expensive nature of the battery and not on the crucial nature. They have chosen to install poor quality batteries to minimize their production cost and maximize their profit. These batteries are so unreliable that even the slightest of the mistake can result in fire. Well, these things have been highlighted and measures are being taken to bring down those involved in such derogatory acts. However, you need to be extremely careful in the purchase of a hoverboard. You should opt to buy from a source which is reputable in the market and make a note of all the specifications, especially that of the battery and proceed only if it matches with the standard specifications. For this purpose, you can refer to the reviews of hoverboards at

2. Basics

First, the Lithium-Polimer or “Li-Po” battery technology is quite different as it stays fully charged until the entire energy of the battery is almost depleted and then, there is an immediate drop off in power when there is negligible energy left. So, there is a need to be cautious when power drops off. For this very purpose, there is an alarm accommodated in the system to give a warning beforehand. However, if you continue to ride after the warning, you will make the battery fully discharged which reduces the life span of the battery. In intense situations, the electric components can also be severely damaged, along with the battery. To be on the safer side, it is better to get off the hoverboard as soon as the alarm has indicated a low battery and restrain from using it until next charge.

Secondly, engineers strongly recommend not to store the Li-Po battery in its fully charged state. This also poses a threat to the batter’s durability. It is better to remove the charger when an optimum stage is reached. Now, a question arises - How will a user get to know when does the battery reach its optimum stage? Well, technology has made things so simple. In some systems, there is a green light indicator which glows when the optimum charge has been achieved and in rest, you can get to know it by a beep sound which the system makes. Can it get simpler? Probably, no. So, as soon as you see the green light or listen to the beep sound, unplug your board and it is healthy as ever.

3. Do’s and Don’ts

• Before putting on charge make sure that there are no loose parts in the board.

• In order to know that your battery has been optimally charged, you need to turn on your hoverboard so that the indicators can respond.

• Charger plugin should be always kept dry. The vicinity of the hoverboard shouldn’t be wet or damp.

• There is not much restrictions in case of temperature. But, avoid charging in extreme hot or extreme cold temperatures.

• Keep it away from children reach, when put on charge.

• Do not put it on charge in an open surrounding. Keep it under a roof in an enclosed room, not affected by external factors.

• Avoid using the hoverboard in case of any leakage or foul smell.

Many people consider hoverboard as a toy but it is not so. Although its operation is easy, it’s a complex designed machine. If it is faulty or not operated properly, it has the tendency to cause severe damage. Remember, safety comes first. Hope the above information helps to properly charge your hoverboard.


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