LeBron James Interview After Game 1 Loss

The star basketball player of The United States, also known as ‘The King’, LeBron James represents the team Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. He recently talked to the media after losing the first finals against the Golden State Warriors by a score of 113-91.

Most of the questions asked were related to the match they lost recently. While answering the first question which was about what went wrong in the third quarter, James replied that it wasn’t just about the third quarter, but it was the whole game.

He accepted that their play wasn’t up to the mark and the opponent team, Golden State Warriors played a much better game than them. He denied that there was any factor of rust, as so much was talked about the time off for both the teams. He was still hopeful and takes the next two days as an opportunity to correct their mistakes and improve their game.

Later, while answering other questions about taking too much pressure from the Golden State Warriors, ‘The King’ replied that there was nothing like that. He also pointed out to the fact that he had 20 turnovers in the match, and there's no way that any team could win a ball game with 20 turnovers.

The famous Basketball player agreed with the media on one point, that he and Kyrie got isolated. LeBron also said accepted that they should have been able to move the ball and playing ISO helped them get to this point.

Answering the questions he said that he is not surprised with the opponents win, as they drove many times in and got to the rim tonight. He also added that the Golden state Warriors were the high-powered team as they easily shot the ball from the perimeter.

While addressing his team mates, he advised them to keep their focus on the second game and reminded that they can play a lot better.

In the last question of the night about Tristan’s game, James replied that he just needs to be himself and has to continue doing what he did throughout the course of the season.

He ended by saying that they just have to play with energy and presence of mind. He emphasized on keeping one mind’s fresh and not thinking about anything else.


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