Why Do You Need to Use an Armored Vehicle?

Armored vehicle is steadily gaining more popularity as safety of citizens becomes a major issue. You don’t have to be in military or near a war zone to own one of these. Many people are under the misconception that armored vehicle are only meant to be used in a dangerous environment—like something similar to a warzone or riot ridden area. This is completely false and yes armored vehicles are used mostly in combat zones but a toned down version can also be used to enhance the safety of civilians in a completely normal environment.

Sometimes, you can unfortunately be at the wrong place at the wrong time when a sudden violent attack takes place. There are many instances in the past that show that tragedy can strike anywhere and at anytime—even at the most unlikely place. Therefore it is important to prepare in advance to ensure your own personal protection. If you are still unsure about armored vehicles then let me give you some food for thought to convince you why you need these vehicles in your life.

1. You can escort your clients safely without worrying

Armored cars have all the necessary safety features like a bullet proof glass to protect your clients. Many protection and bodyguard services only use armored cars to escort or move their important clients to and fro. If you run any similar service or have an important clientele base then don’t forget to pay heed to their protection. An extra effort from your side won’t go unnoticed and you might be rewarded with unexpected benefits from your clients. You don’t need a fleet of armored cars and even a single well made armored car can make all the difference. Buying even one armored car is a great investment and can protect both you and your client from any unpleasant situation

2. It ensures you are safe in a discreet way

Armored vehicles don’t scream ‘Protection’ out aloud as many people seem to think. Many models of these bullet proof cars actually look similar to regular cars and have minimum difference with respect to the make and exterior in general. But they do vary a lot in how they function and in the number of pre installed safety functions. They have an enhanced suspension for better performance, bulletproof glasses and armored plates among others. Unlike regular cars, they are well equipped to deal with any random act of violence or any other similar function. Navigation is better too as they come with an advanced GPS, powerful tires that seldom need a change. They do everything and more while staying in the background appearance wise.

3. Performance based car with enough safety installments

Armored cars perform better than regular cars as they are equipped with better functions. One example is their advanced suspension system, superior brakes and a GPS based on the latest technology. As mentioned before, they also have a number of safety features that are extremely beneficial in the long run. A bullet proof glass, tough tire system and a durable construction are some things that will ensure your safety and also ensure high performance.

They also prevent any kind of carjacking as compared to a normal car. Most people involved in carjacking are rookies or armatures. Stealing a regular car may be easy for them but they definitely won’t be able to get away on an armored car with their skills. Carjacking an armored car is not easy and therefore they won’t get stolen easily unless the thief is a world class hacker with sophisticated skills—definitely rare most of the times.

So the above were some reasons why you should invest in an armored car if you can afford one. They are worth every penny of their cost and it sure is a big deal to own one.


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