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Several years ago, I dabbled in M.L.M. and "no-money-down" real estate investing. I must have tried three or four different companies and/or so-called gurus. Actually, "tried" wasn't really the most accurate term. It was more like doing nothing other than buying into a program or buying an instructional course. The problem was always the same. I had the initial information to get started, but I didn't have any support group to keep me motivated, answer questions along the way, or to hold me accountable for even taking the first step. Zip, zero, zilch! Nothing to help me succeed other than the "instruction manual." Now, you may be reading this and saying to yourself, "What a whiner!" "What a complainer!" "You should be responsible for your own success!" "What did you expect?"

Ah, ha! Yes, I was a whiner and complainer, but I can answer that question, "What did I expect?" I expected nothing. That was the problem! I didn't even think there was another way!

Then I saw Dean Graziosi's infomercial one fateful Saturday afternoon. At this point, I hadn't pursued my dream of being a successful entrepreneur for years. I had failed in the past and being an employee was the safe way to live. But, being an entrepreneur at heart, I just couldn't let it die. So, I ordered Dean's book. What could $20-$30 hurt?

The next six months of my life would change my entire course in life forever! Dean Graziosi introduced me to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs at his complimentary website. We all shared our struggles and successes and helped each other out. Even though we were miles apart, all around the United States, it felt like I had someone to help me right next door. This was the answer to the problem I had always had in the past. I found the support that I needed to succeed!

Additionally, I was accepted into Dean Graziosi's Success Academy; an elite training program that only 5% of his students qualify for. Dean's Success Academy not only gave me the advanced training that I needed, but it gave me a level of confidence about myself and my business that I had never felt before! So much for the whining and complaining!

Dean Graziosi introduced me to the concept of being CEO of my own corporation. It wasn't just a concept, it was a reality! CEO of my own corporation? Are you kidding me? Who does that? For me, owning a corporation was reserved for the wealthy and ultra-successful. It was untouchable! Dean Graziosi taught me that owning a corporation is within the reach of anyone and being protected under the "corporate veil" and taking the tax deductions only reserved for business owners was part of the formula for true entrepreneurial success. Owning a corporation, or LLC, is part of the wealth creation and preservation that the rich keep secret. Dean Graziosi made sure that it wasn't kept a secret!

Lastly, Dean began teaching me about the importance of internet marketing. This was probably the most essential ingredient to my success and the reason why so many people struggle as entrepreneurs. The "no-money-down" real estate gurus, that I had tried learning from in the past, never taught me how to leverage the internet as a marketing resource. Dean Graziosi combined secret real estate investing techniques with the power of internet marketing to create a system that worked 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. He taught me several FREE ways to drive massive traffic to my system. That's right! FREE marketing that drives massive interest in YOUR product or service.

To wrap everything up here, I have now taken what Dean has taught me and expanded my business beyond just real estate. Without Dean's guidance and support, I may have never achieved my dream of being a successful entrepreneur. What started out as a very small investment into a real estate investing book, has turned into a lifelong journey of entrepreneurial bliss!

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Cyle Greenwell is a Wisconsin, USA native now living in Minneapolis, MN. Cyle is currently working on his MBA-Finance at Hamline University. He is the Founder and CEO of Max Enterprises, Inc, a small business consulting firm specializing business start-ups and creating an online presence. You can work with Cyle and get some of his free training by submitting your name and email at Get Mike Dillard's Training:

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