How To Start An Online Business Free

When some people first start making money online they don't have a lot of money to spend. In this article we will give you a scenario you can use that shows you how to start an online business and you don't need to spend one penny of your money to do it.

1. Find a niche you would like to start your online business around. Try to pick something that interests you if such as cooking, fishing, antique cars, etc.

You are going to get a rare chance in your life to start a business on the Internet and do it based around a theme you have an interest in or a passion for.

2. Go to and set up your own blog. This is not hard to do and doesn't require any technical knowledge.

You can come back and add to your blog at a later time. Primarily you should make sure and join the Google Adsense affiliate program so you can add Google ads on your blog.

3. Go to and join their affiliate program. Once you have your affiliate ID number set up go to the ClickBank marketplace and look at digital ebooks you could sell.

You can create your own unique URL for each product. Some of them provide graphics you can paste on your blog. Others provide text link ads you can place in the body of your blog articles.

4. Write your first blog article. Don't worry about writing a masterpiece at this point.

All you are really doing is announcing to the world that you've started a blog about whatever niche you are in. Your first article can be around 200 words in length and should contain basic things such as an introduction, body, and closing paragraph.

5. Go back to Google and study their tutorials on how to enhance your blog and market it online. Ultimately you are trying to drive visitors to your blog and earn money when they purchase a ClickBank product or click on a Google ad.

6. Join and These two social networking sites can be a good source of making contacts online as well as getting additional traffic to your blog.

If all of these this seems intimidating it doesn't need to be. What we've just done is shown you how to start an online business without using your credit card. So far everything you have done is free and takes nothing but a little bit of time to get started.


Cynthia Minnaar lives in South Africa and works full-time from home online. She is the proud owner of, the online business ideas website committed to helping others earn a legitimate income online by offering the best, proven online work at home ideas, internet home based business opportunities and online home income resources.

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