Processes Every Internet Marketer Needs to Design

In order to create an Internet marketing strategy which is both effective and efficient it is imperative to utilize a set of processes or systems. Not only does this make organization easier but it also allows you to test, tweak, and optimize each system. Regardless of what type of Internet marketing you prefer, there are three processes which must be designed and implemented in order to save time and make more money.

A Quick Overview of What a Process Is

In its simplest form, a process or system is a consistent, routine sequence of actions which produce consistent results. Most people do not have a solid understanding of what a system is; the problem is actually developing one which provides the results you crave. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to create and optimize each process.

Process for Content Management

A content management process includes all of the tasks or actions which must be taken to generate and publish online content. This includes everything from creating ideas and turning them into specific topics to scheduling, formatting, and publishing it. The first step of creating a content management process is identifying a way to come up with ideas. There are a variety of free online tools which allow you to easily save clips or notes and organize them. Using these tools, you can quickly generate a monthly or weekly editorial calendar based upon the notes you have already taken. Once you’ve built your editorial calendar, you can begin to build out your content. Once you have treated your content, you can schedule it to post automatically depending upon what type of content management system you use.

Process for Social Media

Social media may be the most difficult area to develop a systematic approach to because each platform is uniquely different. While automation can save a lot of time, it cannot be relied upon entirely. When developing a process for social media, you need to find a way to combine automation along with manual engagement activities. The automation site is much easier to develop a system for. Similar to content management, you simply need to establish a process to gather ideas and generate a months’ worth of content. Then upload it to your automation tool and schedule it so that it publishes automatically. While more difficult, it is essential to also create a daily manual system of social media engagement. This doesn’t necessarily require a lot of time, but you should dedicate at least 30 minutes every day to engaging with your audience directly.

Process for E-Mail Management

The final process you need to develop is tied to e-mail management or whatever other process you used to gather leads and connect with potential customers. Some online businesses prefer developing monthly or weekly newsletters while others take a more aggressive approach such as sending daily E-courses. When developing an effective process for e-mail management is important to determine how often you will publish content, is the optimal time to send it to your list, the type of content you want to share, and how you want to mix different types of content within each e-mail.

Setting up your first process or system doesn’t need to be a time-consuming task. Simply keep track of what you are already doing for about a week. Then go back and identify which tasks are most important in what order things need to be accomplished in. Over time, you will gain enough experience to tweak and optimize each process for maximum results.


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