Small Home Business Ideas Targeting Local Offline Businesses

The opportunity to make money helping local off line businesses has never been better. As a matter of fact one of the best small home business ideas you can take advantage of right now is targeting local offline businesses.

There are several reasons this is true and multiple ways you can do that.

1. It is estimated in the United States alone there are over 6 million small businesses and as many as half of these do not even have a website of their own.

This presents a real opportunity for you to make money building small business websites. You will be providing a much needed service targeting a very large market.

Small business owners are willing to pay more than many Internet home business owners are. This means you can make more money building websites.

If you do not want to do the work yourself you can outsource this. There are plenty of Internet marketers all around the world who will build websites for you at a reasonable price.

2. Target small business owners who have a website but do not have a mobile website. More people are beginning to search for products in a mobile way via cell phone or their iPad.

Very few small business owners have a mobile website at this time. This gives you a never ending supply of prospects to contact and make money building these for them.

Again you can outsource this if you choose not to do it yourself. WordPress offers an excellent blogging platform to set up mobile websites if you do want to give it a go yourself.

3. Target a handful of small businesses and do their Internet marketing. Small businesses will pay you $1000 a month to promote their business online.

Even on a part-time basis this is a very good small home business idea for you to make money. You do not need very many customers to earn a full-time income doing Internet marketing for these businesses.

Consumers are beginning to search in a local way for products they need. Generally these keyword phrases will have less competition, so it's easier for you to help the local business owner rank highly on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

4. Help small business owners make money as an affiliate marketer. Find two-tier affiliate programs to sign them up for. Implement them into their current websites and you will make money every time a product is sold.

You are helping the small business become more profitable and are also making money for yourself.

These are several small home business ideas you can implement targeting local off-line businesses. The market potential is huge and the need has never been more in demand.


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