Components Of A Successful Search Engine Marketing Strategy Part 1

Search engine marketing is the cornerstone of every successful online business. In order to survive in today's online marketplace, your business needs to have a clear vision and a solid marketing strategy. Staying on top of search engine trends and researching new keyword phrases for your online business or product is now a necessary process. In this two part article I will cover the main aspects of search engine marketing and how you can apply them to your own SEM strategy.

Keyword Research: Keyword research plays a very important role in making sure that your web site is seen for what it really is. If you choose keywords that no one is searching for, you will be wasting your time optimizing and promoting your web site. Knowing how your audience searches and targeting known key phrases is the basis for the whole search engine marketing (SEM) process.

Article Writing & Submission: Writing articles on subjects related to your business or products will bring a great deal of traffic and product awareness for your web site. A well written article will be picked up and re-published to hundreds of other relevant web sites within a few weeks. What a great way to get the word out there. Most article submission sites allow a link back to your web site at the bottom of your article. This is also a great way to receive solid back links to your web site once your article is published. Here is a link to just over One Hundred Article Submission Websites.

XML & RSS Feeds By Subscription: Streaming new content to customers from your web site on a daily or weekly basis can be a great way to get repeat business. Use XML or RSS feeds on your web site to get the word out on a new product or service you are offering. Customers can easily subscribe to your XML or RSS feed for instant notification when you post a new article or newsletter to your web site. Using subscription feeds can help increase awareness and bring customers back for repeat business again and again.

This is the first of two articles on The Components Of A Successful Search Engine Marketing Strategy.

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