Amazon Bans Junk e-books


Amazon is banning what it calls “junk” e-books.

You might know them as Private Label Resale (or Reseller) Rights Products. Those are the “books” that “get rich quick” scammers have been trying to sell to unsuspecting wannabees who want to make money from content.

The idea is you buy the product, then you buy the "rights" to it and can put up your own website.

Their pitch is “You don’t have to hurt your poor, little brain to create new content. You can make money selling info products by selling stuff that someone else wrote. You can license our library of wonderful articles and books and sell them.”


I’m glad Amazon is calling this scam for what it is. The last thing we need is to get emails from info-scammers who say you can get rich by selling PLRs on the world’s largest bookstore.

Amazon, thanks for getting this one right.


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