Are You An Entrepreneur Who Takes Action? Take The 4 Trait Test

Entrepreneurs are people of action and know how to find solutions to problems.

Entrepreneurs are innovative and know how to overcome obstacles.

Entrepreneurs are independent and work even when no one is watching.

Entrepreneurs see opportunities that others miss.

As entrepreneurs, we separate ourselves from others because we take the initiative and have the capacity and the drive for independent action, we know how to work when no one is watching and we see opportunities that no one else sees. In today's uncertain economy entrepreneurs are needed more than ever because we are the ones who are willing to do the tasks and follow through despite obstacles.

In 1899, Elbert Hubbard wrote a small but powerful booklet called A Message To Garcia. Although it was written so long ago, it still provides a very timely lesson specifically, it is not always the best people but the proactive people who succeed.

The book is a perfect description of an entrepreneur. The story goes that when the war between Spain and the US began, President McKinley urgently needed to get a message to the leader of insurgents who were fighting in Cuba. Garcia was somewhere in the mountains but his exact position was not known. Upon a recommendation, President McKinley called for a man named Rowan. "Rowan", he said, "It is urgent that you deliver this letter to Garcia". Without question, hesitation or whining, Rowan put the letter in his pouch, strapped over his shoulder and was off. After three weeks of traversing a hostile country, he appeared on the other side of the country having delivered his letter.
Bottom line is that he took the initiative, made no excuses, and worked faithfully even when no one was watching over him and accomplished the task. All actions of entrepreneurs!

In today's uncertain economy it is up to us as entrepreneurs to take the initiative and action necessary to revive our economy. "Are you an entrepreneur who takes action?"


I am Dana Carmichael, an internet marketing consultant and mentor, based in Dallas, TX. My focus is providing marketing information and tips to those who are in the internet marketing industry and to those who desire to start a home business. I love the outdoors, being on the water, sports and my dogs.

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